Next week, I'll be shipping off to NYC with the Mirador team to check out the LDV summit, a conference focusing on trends in video & digital imaging. Seems like a great opportunity to feel the pulse of the imaging community and see where things are moving. Good mix of folks from industry, research, and VC in list of 40+ panelists, curious to hear the different perspectives on the future of computer vision tech and how it will change the way we communicate. 

This comes at an especially fortuitious time for us, when we're about to graduate and take the deep dive into the startup journey. Understanding the landscape from a non-academic perspective will be crucial to our long term success building a company, since learning about the pressing challenges facing companies will inspire ideas for future products and services we can develop as we continue to commercialize our technology.

I'm especially excited about the talk focused on trends in Visual Communications, with Om Malik and Evan Nisselson, curious to hear about investors' thoughts on what the future looks like for these new methods of extracting insight from images. 
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