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So, this is what I've been working on for the past year:

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A group of small satellites working together is called a "constellation".

Fuck yes.
Small satellites provide compact, low-cost options that allow government and the private sector to take advantage of the technology. We’re working with the White House to promote the use of small satellites for remote sensing, communications, science and the exploration of space. See how:

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Everything about this makes me happy.
A Contemporary Art Center in Prague Builds 138-Foot Rooftop Airship as a Home for Public Events

Fantastic new structure from architect Martin Rajnis built on top of the Dox Center for Contemporary Art in Prague.

From Colossal.

The 138-foot structure (42-meter) won’t be taking to the sky anytime soon, but will instead be utilized as a public gathering space for readings, performances, and debates about literature. The wooden airship-like building is situated atop a cascade of steps on the Dox center’s roof and should accommodate up to 120 seated visitors.

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Community college programs FTW!
Community college students, want to plan a #JourneyToMars at a NASA center near you? Apply to #NCAS2017 by Nov. 16!

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Hats were more ubiquitous in the 18th century, but much like today, they were expressions of one’s job, or one’s (often self-styled) status, or just plain personality. I decided to take a trip through town with an eye to learning more about colonial headwear. I barely scratched the surface as I discovered more variety—and fewer strict rules—than I had imagined.

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I love writing things down. When I got the position of Apprentice Weaver a few months ago, I knew that I would need to document what I was learning, and the significance of it all. So I got a new diary and started taking notes and just jotting down ideas throughout the day and when I got home after work. Here are a few of those entries that paint a picture of the start of this new chapter in my life and career here with Colonial Williamsburg.

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Oh yeah, that's the money shot xD

#filastruder #3Dprinting

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PAX East is coming! Do you publish an independent tabletop game? Want to join the Indie Bazaar, where we all sell each others' games?

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Yes please!!
Outrageous Youth, a +Misspent Youth hack inspired by Jem and the Holograms.

I really like the new comic so far! I came up with this idea in the shower, and I don't have my copy of MY with me, and I'm at work writing this in bits and drips on the side of doing actual work, so bear with me if the mechanics don't immediately align. I may take this to Camp Nerdly to play with some of the older kids - mechanics are simplified with kids in mind.

Character Creation

Every character has a strength: Choose from the usual Means: Bad, Cool, Fast, Smart, and Tough.

Whatever other strength you have, everyone is also really good at music. Pick what instrument you play. Unless you're the singer, you also do backup vocals.

Every character has something they really like. Tell us what it is!

Every character has a fear. Make up your own. Like, maybe you have stage fright. Maybe you think you're not pretty enough. Maybe you are really shy around strangers.

That's it! You also need a name, and you can tell everyone anything else you want to say about your character, and/or draw a picture of them.

Together, all the players should come up with a Special for the group. Like, maybe you have access to a supercomputer that can project holograms. Maybe you're super-duper rich. Maybe you're all aliens and you have a spaceship that runs on rock and roll. Maybe you grew up in an ancient monastery and studied the musical secrets of the ninjas. Make it cool and awesome!

Rival Creation

There's another band that are your rivals, that you're going to make up. Give them a cool name.

First, decide what their form of hate is.

- Beauty: They have decided what's pretty and what's not, and you aren't it. Maybe this is about how you look, or how you dress, or the kind of music you play.

- Girls vs. Boys: They've decided how girls and boys should be, and you don't fit their ideas.

- Greed: They want lots of money! Or fame! Or both! They don't care who they have to hurt to get it. 

- Loneliness: They aren't friends with each other, not the way you are. They think caring about and trusting people is stupid, and they're going to prove it.

Your rival band has the same number of members as your band, and they play the same instruments. Give the person who plays the same instrument as you a cool evil name. He or she hates the thing you like! They're also really good at whatever you fear - so, like, if you have stage fright, they're always the center of attention.

Your rivals also have a special power that's somehow related to yours, that the Rival player will decide on. If you're aliens, maybe they're evil aliens from a different planet. If you have a supercomputer, maybe they're robots.


The players should have two songs they really like that are sort of like the music their imaginary band plays ready to go before the game. The Rival should have one song they really like ready to go.

Every scene has a challenge. These work just like in MY, but with a couple exceptions - this game isn't about the struggle to win without selling out, and chance plays a greater role. It's more like a Saturday morning cartoon - the good guys are going to win, we know, it's about telling a cool story about how they win.

- When you roll the dice, if you land on a number claimed by the Rivals, the GM will say how your character's fear leads you to mess up and lose.

- Normally, if you lose, you lose, and if you win, you win. There's no selling out.

- But... once per game, you can decide that the character who just lost overcomes his or her fear and wins instead! You and all the players have to get up and sing and dance along to a song you really like. When you're done, describe how your character overcame their fear.

- In the scene where the characters are supposed to lose, they always lose. If they would have won, the Rival player describes how at the last minute, the Rivals are able to exploit their fears and win, maybe by cheating. Whether the Rival wins "fairly" or not, they must get up and dance and sing along to their song.

- In the scene where the characters triumph, they always triumph! If they would have lost, they describe how, at the last minute, one of them overcomes their fears and turns defeat into victory! The players don't cheat. However they win, they should dance and sing around to their other song, then describe how any characters who haven't yet overcome their fears overcome them.

- In the denoument, friendship with one or more of the Rivals is always at stake. Since everyone has overcome their fears, you can't undo a loss in this scene. If you win, at least one of the Rivals becomes your friend. If you lose, your overall victory is tinged with a bit of sadness, since your Rivals can't overcome their hatred.

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