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#fccsucks Heard about them lifting ban on scrambling basic cable? I have @Suddenlink if implimented I'll be cancelling

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Cool!  This is some good Advice in more ways than one!

And of course the High Flight Video Makes me recall this awesome Scene from the Right Stuff I still love this movie because it illustrates the determination and hard work it takes to push the envelope on Space Travel and Aviation:

Great Evening watching North by Northwest with Cary Grant on the Big screen with Denise L. Daniels. The Promos before the movie do not encourage one to watch the other offerings @ the theater. Can't wait until later this year TCM will be showing 4 more classic movies. I know that's 4 movies I'll be watching. 

If you go Even Farther back in History The Battle Of Hattin – July 4th, 1187 it didn't even appear that Christianity would survive but in the end it did. Great Video!:Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Glorious Fourth

Something Just Feels Right after my second Trip to TJs. The Cupboard and Fridge are full of TJ Label Products! All is right with the world!

Took Dad to See Avengers. My Second time. Love it! Hmmmm where can I get some of that Shawarma.. Yummie!
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