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BOOM! Tom Cruise sitting on the very top of the Burj-Khalifa, the world's tallest building. No safety harness... Tom Cruise you mentalist! Guessing the photo was taken from a helicopter.

Here's a kewl video from the World's Tallest Building with a view from the very top, where Tom Cruise is sitting: (click the link below):
The world's highest skyscraper, fastest elevator ride, tallest restaurant, restroom... and more!

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I just pee'd my pants a little LOOKING at this photo - let alone doing it! YIKES!
Is that a radio antenna he's sitting on? I'm happy those aren't my balls.
His right arm is covering the iPhone in his pocket, the memory of which is overflowing with missed calls from his insurance company, informing him they've dropped his coverage.
Photoshopped? Shadows don't seem to match up...
actually .. how did he got there?
I had a feeling he was a nut before this photo... this just confirms it. Lol.
+Gisela Conte Filming of Ghost Protocol.
Here's more:
of only that man and what he is sitting on wasnt in the foreground, just kidding! nice capture!
Definitely a photoshop job, besides shadows the color temperatures don't match.
I'm guessing they built a replica of the top of the tower for the MI4 movie set, and he's sitting on that.

The shadows of the buildings look like mid afternoon, while the shadows on Tom are more vertical, near mid-day.
So, his right leg casts a shadow and his left leg doesn't? Someone's got a copy of Photoshop and too much time.
It's not photoshopped. Check out the video +Adrian Saicu linked:
^ not enough time to miss the shadows and the different color temps.
Uhm, I'm revising my opinion, the shadow we see below Tom is of his left leg, not his right leg .The sun isn't above him, it's closer to the horizon, like the buildings in the background show.
I guess Tom is that desperate to be back in the A list.
nah the more i look at it the faker it seems to be bit don't match and look super imposed to me still cool pic tho..
Everything I have read and seen (TV interviews w/him about THIS as well) point to this being the real deal. This is NOT FOR ME! I like the 'somewhat' sure thing gravity provides me on the ground.
tox med
anybody notice the graffiti to his right and below ehere he is sitting? So how does one explain that?
Interesting in that I just got out of my Fall Protection class - NOT OSHA approved!
Yeah, there is NO WAY anyone with the power of hollywood at their fingertips via Photoshop would have done this. Impossible </sarcasm>
Fili S
I don't know if that's the picture taken then, but I saw some pictures with yellow helicopter above burj khalifa and tom cruise actually sitting there, just not such close up.
It's not fake, there is a YouTube video of 3 guys doing the exact same thing. There is a ladder down the middle of the radio column. He prob had something tied in the back though, or his massive balls were keeping him weighted down.
+tox med I figured it was the Antenna installers - knowing they would likely be the only ones that ever got up there??
boo Jay
Tom is one bad ass mother....can't wait to see The Dark Knight Rises footage that comes with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

I suppose I'll stay for the rest of the movie as well.
Shopped!!! There's wind 1 kilometer above the ground! Lot's of it! ;)
+Art Jonak Nice find! All i can say now is Waaaa... The guy got some balls...
Are you really on top of that????????????
jeez.. .i want to take a photo like that
Yes thats really him and he really did all the stunts in the movie too. Tom Cruise is a beast.
While he is way way way up there, he might as well direct air traffics. LOL
Gives me the chills looking at it - not in a good way.....
I've seen him do crazier stunts on Oprah's show.
Not to be evil.. but I'd really love to see that with a strong gust of wind.
Man, that's high! Even if brave, Tom Cruise is still a douche, at least based on his public persona. LOL, love the L. Ron Hubbard reference, nice.
Photo Shopped
so very, very much.
Oh totally believe it's fake... but still just imagine a strong gust of wind blowing him off the top of that thing...
Did he scribble that scrotum on the side of the tower? If so, what does the inscription say?
It says, "I tea-bagged L. Ron Hubbard."
I'm far from naive, but I believe it's real. I love Tom, don't care what he's done or what religion he follows. Crazy bastard, I wish I could take this pic. I love how people but tags on the tower too.
Nice photoshop skill.
He's a scientologist- all he needs is......what the hell do they believe in.
that is what you called sitting on the world.
photo shopped I'd bet check out the shadows all wrong from tom
Helicopter? No. Photoshop? Yes.
I viewed all of the links, and while I don't doubt it was someone (or something resembling someone) atop the tower in the video, I doubt the figure was Tom himself because there is no close up disproving the possibility of a stunt double.
+Lorna Salgado do you even know what your talking about? Artifacts match, Color temp and Lighting Match, Lens distortion lines up. if its fake, its very well done. Though it does has a Tilt shift feel to it
The shadow isn't his.. it's the skid from the Heli.
Correction +Larry Johnson , but that's "Le Douche." We don't want to offend. Some of my best friends are French Scientologists. Sh-yeah!?
what I wanna know is who the heck signed the top of the building?!
trace a line from the shadow to the light source its from both
Sitting up there? Please! I'd base jump from up there. Already daydreaming on basejumping from the antenna of the Empire State Building.
Even if HE wasn't up there, someone else was evidenced by the graffiti in the lower left. But I still agree- Photoshopped. Not enough wind blowing way up there, let alone the blades from the helicopter this shot was supposedly taken from.
my stomach would sink to my feet. I love to skydive but heights in this way kill me lol.
Agree it's not PS'd, but disagree with the caption that he's not tied-into some sort of harness. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.
"Farva whats the name of that restaurant with all the goofy shit on the wall and the mozzarella sticks?"
Xenu himself flew Tommy to the top of the building and granted him temporary anti-gravity powers. Go, go gadget Scientology!
Nice find Art Jonak. Good enough for me!
He'd do anything to make himself look taller.
It has to be photoshopped... he might be brave, but he ain't stupid :) the guy on the video could have been a stunt man for all we know!
they are not same ! light on skin and on tower ! i think its fake !
It's not photoshopped. He's really there (which makes sense, given the content of the movie), but knowing the movie industry, they would be put out of business in a heartbeat by the insurance companies if he wasn't strapped in with a professional climbing rig. You can kind of see how his abdominal area doesn't quite look right... it's sort of pinched from his chest down like he's wearing a girdle. That's where they have the harness attached, I'm sure.
Not to say that I'm not impressed. I'd be so scared up there, I'd likely pass out, harness or no. He's quite the daredevil.
Many people have done this.. look it up on youtube its not fake... he might have a hidden wire and it for publicity... but he is really there
awww tom is finally able to look down on people instead of looking up at them ....*chuckles*
This would be funnier if he was planking.
Have no interest in what that whack job does.
Dubai has many of the newest, biggest buildings, and the tallest buildings in the world. There are a few of the hang ups associated with this country. Most of the space in those buildings are empty due to their land ownership laws. So their need for an infrastructure with no one in it makes no sense to me. I like the buildings the engineering and the architecture but one other thing you might want to know is how they went about building these things. They used people as slaves. Dubai's Dirty Little Secret Once they got into the country being dupped into thinking it was regular work their passports were taken away so they could not leave and were forced to work for wages even a sweat shop laborer would envy. The whole place there is morally bankrupt. There are many stories of this slavery there in Dubai. Nightmare in Dreamland pt1 DUBAI Ethiopian / Filipino Maids Slavery
I would have expected this from Charlie Sheen.
Photoshopped... based on the majority of the shadows, the light is shining from top right to the bottom left... what's creating the shadow on his right arm? (his right) Also too much color depth/contrast on Cruise altogether being exposed to unhindered light at that elevation.
Shortest man on earth on the tallest building. Bet he drives a big truck too.
It's faked. Lots of fake stuff goes viral on the 'net.
"Davis Centis - Photoshopped? Shadows don't seem to match up..." i agree the winds up there make it impossible for you or anyone to stay with out falling. (with out a harness)
Definitely Photoshop. The colours are all wrong and the texture of the background versus the foreground is completely wrong. The relative sizes aren't even correct. My 11 year old spotted it within seconds. It isn't even a good effort. Lame!
Although anyone else noticed the graffiti to his left?
For once, I can't find the words. . . ! 0.0
forget the fact he's sitting up there, why the hell didn't anyone push him?
How the heck do you even get up there??
Well I knew he was an idiot...this just proves it.
PHOTO SHOPPED! His insurance company would never give the OK for this.
PHOTOCHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he would not be sitting on a radio antenna for one, for two that building is 2600 ft tall, and he is barefoot? He climbed up on that antenna with no shoes? And as stated above look at the shadows, they don't match, and the colors in the foreground are all wrong
Strange why I think it is fake. He has no shoes which I find very odd. Second the shadows on his feet does not match the shadows of the buildings in the background,
It has to be fake, do you know how windy it would be. No-way he is just sitting there mission impossible.
I don't think you meant mentalist...
actually i have been up there and yes its windy but you yut sit or hang on to a lightning braker
what is more amazing is that someone actually has managed to get graffati there!! See below the fake photo of Tom Cruise......
I have no idea about this picture, but last Christmas I saw some raw, behind-the-scenes video of Mi:4 and Cruise was hanging outside the Burj, 120+ stories up. My sister was Brad Bird's PA and traveled all over the world for this film (also went to Prague and Vancouver). I saw hundreds of photos and hours of video (funniest stuff I can never be allowed to share). He was there and as I recall, she told me he did the vast majority of his own stunts on this one. I saw the video myself and as my sister was actually there, I know he did most of those shots you'll see in the film.

As to this one, again, no idea. Could be photoshopped. But the video shots I saw - he looked relaxed as hell hanging outside that building.
His sperm is being zapped by the radio waves coming out of that antenna.
I'm more curious about how the graffiti got up there.
Where's a good stiff breeze when you need one? :P Seriously.. If this is a real photo, there's no way in hell he'd be doing this without safety equipment. Stunts like this would make it mission impossible for him to get film location/production insurance.
i like how realistic it looks but the way tom is sitting tells tht its a grren screen
Sitting on top of the world's largest phallic object probably wasn't the best PR move...
He has the scientologist powers.... lol
are u kidding or wat! with no harness he is on top of Burj Khalifa...
Seriously dude, you are insane. I am worth 5 cents compared to you and I would be scared shitless.
One strong wind would've sent him flying... :P Oh, Tom Cruise, you daredevil you...
I wonder what's written down on the side of the building...
Holy cow people... I think Tom Cruise is a total nutter and he should never be listened to in polite conversation. However, this is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!
This was taken during the filming of MI4 and there is enough video and photographic evidence to prove he did actually climb up there. I personally think he had a harness hidden somewhere, but as a nut job scientologist it is perfectly believable that he would do this because he is "all in, totally in the moment... a clear who's engrams have been banished." In other words... freakin' nuts!
been there, done that & it's on video to prove it

king kong
This is Tom's chill spot lmao
it's a bogus pict. look at the weird shadows on his right arm. plus his left arm looks very un-natural. why does the left hand look bigger than the right? bogus!
Fake: among other things, his left leg casts no shadow
on top of the world...........
I guess it's inappropriate to say jump. Sigh. One can dream though.
its photoshop.........i can create much better than this
Slave labor: what a wonderful way to build an empire!
Must be a photoshop job, that is too insane.
its a Photoshop Dengue...!!!!
I am not a big fan of heights. I like being close to the ground :)
He IS in Dubai right now (2 hours up the road from me), but no way he wold be up there. The wind speeds alone would knock him right off again. There's a YouTube vid of a construction worker poking his head up there...LOTS of wind. But it's a fun picture to imagine! :)
Photoshopped for sure. But its a cool picture regardless ...
he loves to sit down over big large stuff lol
Elron Hubbard used his Thetan p0w3rz to put him there.
I like Tom, but it seems to be fake one. No reality with this picture, only photoshop work seems..
not touched up at all. this happened about 6 months back. he was in dubai i believe. but the weirdest part is... why no shoes?
not real... coz there can't be anything at such a height to put a shadow on his right leg... except a helicopter...lolz
This is clearly shopped, I know this because I've seen a few shops in my life.
insert homo-erotic quote here
check the graffiti at the top :)
my palms are sweating just looking at that height 8-|
I'm more impressed by the whoever took took the time to climb to the top of the tower just to write Graffiti on it!!!! ;o)
Hi is held by someone behind him. За ремень его сзади держат, там же подъемная лестница (когда же я выучу английский!)
I know smoking ban is in a lot of places, but its getting a bit ridiculous now!
edited... check his foot and the shadow...
can't believ it.wonder how he got z fake!
I'd love to jump to the photoshop assumption; however, this building does let you go to the top and do this very thing. There's videos on youtube of it.
Davis Centis just confirmed my taughts of the photo, am a photo editor, if this is true then bravo to Tom. But from the shadow am looking at right now, it looks good to be true.
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I love how everyone is an expert on how shadows are supposed to fall and what is or isn't photoshopped... lol
Just got off the phone with Tom and he assures me the photo is genuine! he added that the next picture to be released will of him and his friends playing billiards up there!
That would take some guts to do...adding it to my bucket list!
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