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My presentation for SUTOL 2016
Last week I had a session at Sutol conference about automation for developers. It covered several samples, where I started with Reat.js front-end app, stored it in Domino nsf database and later did also complete build on Jenkins server with Selenium tests. ...

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SUTOL conference 2016
It became a tradition that every autumn SUTOL organize technical conference that focuses on topics around IBM ICS portfolio. After successful switch to English as primary language last year, this year the event will be extended to 1.5 days. Event will take ...

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XPages ${} risk of code injection possible workaround
I wasn't happy with findings in my previous post , because it can lead to security issues, but also can have performance hit when you actually need dynamic evaluation of injected code (I use it for app localization and few other use cases). After some diggi...

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XPages ${} risk of code injection
While working on app optimization I experimented a bit more with 'Compute on page load' vs. 'Compute dynamically' behavior. There have been several discussions in past about possible combination of ${} and #{}, for example posts from  Marky Roden ,  Sven Ha...

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XPagesPreloadDB more evil than good
While doing optimization of application load time I found that XPagesPreloadDB notes.ini parameter didn't work in way I expected. With quick google search I realized that I'm not the first one to hit this problem as John Dalgaard wrote about the issue few y...

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Domino classic Java elements encoding problems
Recently I encountered a problem, where Notes Java agent contained strange characters. My Domino Designer was set to UTF-8 and everything looked fine when I changed those characters to correct ones, but only until I reopened this design element again. I tri...

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XPages and Java security troubles
This is more a rant than classic post, but I hope it may help someone or someone could prove me wrong, which would be even better. In recent app I use  XPages Scaffolding from Jesse Gallagher. He does some magic in his code that relies on Java reflection to...

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My slides and video form ICS.UG
Last month I had opportunity to speak at ICS.UG user group. It was great event as I mentioned in previous post. My slides are available on ICS.UG session list, but I also want to publish demo video and GIT repository that I used for the demo. I wanted to do...

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ICS.UG and Engage recap
Last week I
had an opportunity to visit and speak at ICS.UG in Bremen and then continue
seamlessly to Engage user group in Ghent. Both events were amazing and transport
between them organized by We4IT was more than special, a beer-bus with actual
bar inside...

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Fun with POI4XPages and Maven
It's been long since I wrote my last post. For part of that period I completely left world of Domino and XPages. During that time also many interesting XPages technologies and project appeared or got more popular. One of them is build automation using Maven...
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