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Keith Spragg
Pithy - but more like an orange - white bits all over!
Pithy - but more like an orange - white bits all over!

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Between Susan and I, we've built up quite a musical treasure trove!

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Terrible comparison of a watch with some buried features, to the moto360. Am I wrong to suggest its not an Apples to Apples comparison?

Was working, now not. Managed to get it working first time yesterday, but today, no joy. When I run it, I get past the log in successfully, but then when I tap the cast icon and select my Chromecast, nothing happens. I've tried when the TV is off, when it's on and at the 'home' screen, and while another app is loaded. Any further suggestions?

UK Fasthosts clearly aren't resilient enough - the storms have caused powercuts, which knocked out their DNS, and all customers are affected. At work, I chose a datacentre with two weeks worth of fuel for a diesel generator for this very reason.
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