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We've got rovers rolling all over Mars.  The EU is chillin' on a comet.  We're orbiting Ceres and Saturn.  Voyager 1 is interstellar.  Now we're coming up on Pluto.

The Apollo era can quit rubbing our nose in it now.
We're on Pluto's doorstep! Watch our daily briefing previewing our New Horizons spacecraft's #PlutoFly on Tuesday. [video] #NASABeyond 

Help bring Girl Develop It to Dayton.  Looking for participants, teachers, sponsors, the works!  Spread the word...

I need to build a self-contained, offline machine for beginners to study programming (all sorts) on.  Ideas?

It's going to be placed in a halfway house with bored residents and no internet access.  Some of them want to start learning programming when they get out, and I want to give them a headstart.

I'm thinking Enthought Canopy for Python - it's got a built-in tutorial and lots of preinstalled packages.  Is there something analogous for HTML/JS?

Have any of you done something like this before?

I pledge attention to the state
of the United States of America,
and to its government, for which we are responsible,
one nation,
not a god,
not infallible,
its liberty and justice ours to build.

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Make a cute little test db from your big honking production db.

Political reform suggestion of the day:

Congressional and legislative districts need to be constantly adjusted as population shifts.  But this results in endless gerrymandering.  People complain about how non-representative the U.S. Senate is, but at least the ruling party can't redraw Delaware's borders to game the system.

So how about permanent districts along traditional boundaries (counties, regions) with floating-point voting strength?  It's not a problem anymore if district #1's rep has 1.22 votes and district #2 only 0.57.  We has computorz now that can help us with that.  

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This week, I learned about two local wild edibles: chicory greens are nutritious, and Queen Anne's Lace == wild carrots.  I bet there are tons more, but these two are striking because they're probably Ohio's most common wildflowers.  The whole landscape looks edible to me now.

Our land is also overflowing with Russian olives, wild grapes, crabapples, black walnuts, blackberries, raspberries, and pawpaws.  Basically, I live in a salad bowl, all without planting a thing.

After my 18F stint ends... I can't help  but wonder how a couple years as "hunter-gatherer" would look on a resume.
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