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Brian Newman

 Bullying at its worst in Georgia - Brian J. Newman

Bullying is an awful problem that has come to attention in recent years. A young man in Georgia was so severely bullied that he may have permanent damage.

Free Speech does not protect confessions - Brian J. Newman
Free speech does not cover confessions.  The first amendment protects speech.  Congress cannot create laws that infringe upon a person’s ...

                       Tarrant County Veterans Court - Brian J. Newman
Tarrant County Veterans Court Diversion Program is designed to address the needs of veterans. Tarrant County Veterans Court helps the people who qualify.

A person consents to a search then cannot complain - Brian J. Newman
Once a person consents to a search, does it matter if the police conduct an unreasonable search? Consenting to a search may impact your ability to complain.

BAC of 0.00 still arrested in Austin? - Brian J. Newman
A man gave blood and breath samples to Austin police. The samples showed blood alcohol concentration or BAC of 0.00. Police arrested the man anyway.

Hate crimes carry serious penalties - Brian J. Newman
Hate crimes are federal crimes that should be state crimes. These crimes are federal when the perpetrator commits the crime due to the victim's qualities.

Is there a marijuana breathalyzer? - Brian J. Newman
Most people know about breathalyzers. However, most people do not know whether there is a marijuana breathalyzer. A marijuana breathalyzer may be real.

Probation for tattooing a minor at mom’s request - Brian J. Newman
Parker county man received one year of probation after tattooing a minor. There are many rules regulating artists from tattooing a minor.

Fort Worth Court Overturns Murder Conviction - Brian J. Newman
Fort Worth's Court of Appeals overturns a murder conviction because there was insufficient evidence for a jury to convict.

Tarrant County Jury Statistics Are Surprising - Brian J. Newman
Tarrant County District Attorney's Office released new statistics for jury sentences. These statistics have surprising information contained in them.
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