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Just drizzle? Yeah, I'll still run....

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I'm mostly saving this because I want to read it over and over.

I worked out for forty-five minutes this morning, then did thirty minutes of couch to 5k run/walk whatever-you-call-that. I am sore in my everything, but I feel good about it. I'm not looking forward to the lost sleep I'm going to have until I get used to going to bed early so I can get up early and work out, but I'm still happy about the decision.

I'm going to do a warrior run. Not this year. Maybe not even by this time next year. But soonish.

Working on a Fate conversion for the Birthright domain rules. Just for +Brandes Stoddard.

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So two blog posts in a row! I'm a crazy person. This time I talk about capturing creativity with index cards, and organizing a game in your pocket. Comments are live and I'd love your feedback.

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I've started to write some gaming stuff about playing more with less.

So I'm sitting down to write a little about Fate, and I'm struggling to come up with a starting point. What are three things about Fate that are difficult to understand? What makes you scratch your head? If you get it, what was the last thing to click into place?

It has taken me over and hour and talking to four different people just to turn off my Comcast account which is already disconnected. Two of them were committed to helping me return the Comcast equipment I don't own. Still on hold, so four may not be the limit

If you were curious, around St. Louis is where road etiquette changes from the midwestern: "Oh, there are five cars behind me. I should get to the right and let them pass," to the southern: "Oh, there are five cars behind me. Those guys are f&*%ed."

Came home from a week with family to collect goodies I had ordered through Drive Thru RPG and Amazon. Everything arrived except the one I was looking forward to most, "It's Not My Fault," from +Fred Hicks & Evil Hat. Apparently was delivered before I left, and stolen from my mailbox before I came home from work. So, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
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