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افضل 20موقع لتركيب الصور علي الانترنت مجانا
تركيب الصور  امر شائع  ومنتشر في الكثير من الشبكات الاجتماعيه بصفه خاصه وفي بقية المواقع بصفه عامه الا ان الكثير من الناس وانا منهم لا يجديون استخدام برنامج تركيب الصور    اما لتعقيد الادوات او لان معظم البرامج المشهورة والافضل في هذا المجال تكون باللغة الا...

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الرجاء إعادة المشاركة لتصل إلى كل مسلم

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Linux Kernel 3.17.5 Officially Released
A new version of the Linux kernel, 3.17.5, has been released by Greg Kroah-Hartman and it's now the latest and most advanced version that you can get, at least for a few hours. The 3.18 branch is scheduled to make an appearance very soon. The 3.17.x branch ...

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Lost In The World Of Linux Commands ? Try These 5 Books
  Those familiar with the Command Line in Linux know how powerful it is. However, it's a tough cookie to crack, meaning you really need to know it bit by bit to have your way with it. There are practically countless number of Linux commands that we have cov...

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The Top 8 Hacker Centric Operating Systems
    It's the era of ethical hacking as we speak. The fact that there are so many useful tools and resources available at your beck and call make hacking a sheer delight, and sometimes even a walk in the park. We have compiled here a list of 8 cool hacker ce...

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Install DrawPile 0.9.6 On Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivative Systems
DrawPile  is an open source drawing program, used for creating sketches. Among others, it enables the users to share the drawing live and draw simultaneously on the same picture. Main features: Antialiased drawing and multiple blending modes Layers Text ann...

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10 things users must know about Linux
Well, frankly speaking nobody is perfect, and in the current discussion not everyone is a tech-savy geek. But does that mean they don't have right to feel and enjoy the 'best' things in life (in this discussion, the same pertains to technology). Over the ye...

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The Linux Terminal Could Be Fun! Try These 10 Commands!
Those familiar with the Linux terminal (which most of of you reading this must be!) know how important a resource it is for users. There is simply so much that can be achieved with it. However, the terminal is often seen as dull and boring, well, until now ...
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