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Kevin Mackey
Transplanted Irishman - and writer of stories
Transplanted Irishman - and writer of stories

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For the night is...
...dark and full of terrors. So they say on Game of Thrones. I'll not patronize and say these terrors are just our own fear of the dark, a fear that seems to spring from our very DNA. For there are real terrors, and there is real darkness, and to fear such ...

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Time: a creeping, leaping thing
*She walks in beauty...or it may be that she runs so, or jogs. Walking out in the world some time ago I smiled at the sun warm on my face. As I paused she ran by, lean, lithe, her blonde ponytail swaying with her strides. Perfume, perspiration, and the slap...

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Freewrite is here
Freewrite is here. I never doubted it. Honest. Yes, it's a year later than they said—well, maybe just eight months. Some might have doubted. Not I. Another projects I contributed to, a tablet with the world's greatest operating system and interface, didn't ...

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Out of darkness unto light
The days, at least here in the northern hemisphere, grow longer. The nights, at this late stage of the year, have begun to be shorter, the light returning earlier and earlier. In the depths of this dark night I lift my eyes to the sky and face the steady sh...

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From the sea they came
"You'll be going, so," she'd said to him that day long ago. Half-grown, as he was then, he still towered over the old woman, his mother. Not so old, he supposed now, not so old in the terms he now understood. But he was young then. Everyone was old. He coul...

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Ken Caver Curvy Pen - Black and White
Ever since I saw this fountain pen review— Ken Cavers Bamboo Pen —I've wanted a pen made by this artist with a lathe. The pens are custom made to the specification of the purchaser, and done in Ken Cavers' spare time. So, a waiting list. A long waiting list...

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Pausing to listen, for the opportunity to hear
Yesterday, the Saturday before Easter Sunday, we took the time to listen to Bach's St. Matthew Passion. The recording dates from 1962, digitally remastered in 1989. Time needed to be taken. The entire recording clocks in at just short of four hours! The con...

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Impressions of an afternoon
A wide belt of green Curves towards gentle hills The tramp of feet Perfume and perspiration A wide belt Separates soft curves Confident step following step Following the pace of music strapped to her forearm Past the older couple Slowly keeping pace with on...

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An old new word, and a new skill to learn
I was thirteen and excited. At school I'd learned a new word. Not only what it meant. But the how and the why of its meaning. Calligraphy. Our English teacher had explained the roots of the two words that in combination made this new one. Beautiful writing....

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Given the weekend that's in it, as they might say where I hail from, this poem from some time ago might be appropriate. As I mentioned, I've always been worried that it's really to the rhythm of "The Night Before Christmas." Discovery It seemed like a time ...
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