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Eyes Wide Open
There comes a point when you cannot possibly shut your eyes any more. When the truth is shining its light so brightly that to ignore it is to ignore something far more fundamental. Like so many other people in this country, the results of the 2016 election ...

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Saturday Short Takes
Husband is traveling again. Like every weekday for the last two weeks, and again next week. The kids and I are muddling along. There are rough patches, ugly behavior from all of us. As a result my migraines are on the rise again.  Also my consumption of cra...

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A Loss for Words
For years, I've told people the same thing "I'm a writer." when they asked what I did. "I have a blog" I'd say, sharing this name with them. But the fact of the matter is, I haven't written here in months. I've opened up new posts, stared blankly at them an...

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Zoo-topia? Zoo-mazing!
Sometimes we get the chance to do something as a family that is memory-making. Sure, we’re supposed to strive for that all the time, but how often is it that we’re just trying to occupy the hours of a weekend, keeping the kids from whining the whole time. T...

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Back in the habit
I started something, a while ago. I’d come to our friendly neighborhood indie coffee shop once a week - sit here with my laptop and write. I worked through some stuff, and I was able to put my thoughts about Ben and his ADHD into order here on the page, and...

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Catching Up
Now that the holidays are well and far behind us, I can start to think about other things. I could tell you so much - but where to begin? I'm reeling. It's been a long, nutty of a month. Both kids had lice, and I spent days and days, washing things, vacuumi...

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Claire dance
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Back in the swing
Now that we've settled all of that, I needed some space. I needed to get the words I wrote out into the universe. Ben is still Ben. Some days are great, and some are downright awful. And that will always be there. Winter has been slow in coming. It's warm a...

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The Boy - Part Five, or The End of the Beginning
Thank you all so much for sticking through this. I promise, after today we will be up to date. (In case you're new here: One , Two   Three ,  Four .) First Grade. We made it. When the year started, I wanted things to start off on the right foot with Ben’s n...

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The Boy - Part Four
Read Part One , Two , Three So, there we were managing the best we could with the tools we had. A great deal of what we did was based on the fact that boys are still fundamentally different than girls, and that Ben is relatively young. His birthday is in Se...
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