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Hi all, does anyone know if I can buy a product key for Windows 7 online?

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I've recently joined the Android Community, and have to say I'm loving reading a lot of the posts.

I'm not ashamed to say, I'm a Apple user, I've invested in their Eco system and like it. I have however always had an interest in Android, I owned an original Nexus and my girlfriend has a Nexus S.

Android always felt a little too unstable for me in the early days, but had promise, and then something happened... Matias Duarte, I always admired him at Palm and I can honestly say he's made me want to own an Android phone or tablet. The Nexus 4 looks like a stunning piece of kit, and having played with a Nexus 7 I'm blown away by the progress the team has made on it.

As it stands Jelly Bean beats iOS6 hands down, with innovation and UI. However there is one thing that is clear, Apple are currently sitting pretty at the top of the mountain, and anything they do will come under severe scrutiny from the community, with everyone taking a pop, and people jumping on the bandwagon where as Android can change a whole OS and no one really makes a sound. Would anyone agree on this?

Any who, hi all!! Have a lovely new year.

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This looks very nice, compact and would allow the Pi to sit discretely by my TV, very interesting!
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