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Looking For Advice From Grid Owners Who Have Hypergrid Enabled Malls

Hello everyone. We had a bit of a crisis today, and I thought I would come here to see how other grid owners deal with situations such as this when they arise.

We recently had a grid member take copies of one of our merchants products on a hypergrid shopping mall and bring them over to a region on OSgrid where they god nuked the items and set them out for free. I had not expected this kind of behavior in opensim, and thought that there was a sense of respect toward creators who choose to leave SL and setup a shop in opensim, but the events of today prove that not everyone shares this sense of respect.

I am all for free content, and this wouldn't be an issue if all this person did was copy free items from our mall...but this was content that was set for an actual price, and this crosses a huge line.

What I want to know is, how do other grid owners (or region owners for that matter) deal with an issue like this when they have hypergrid access to there main shopping region? I can't very well cut-off access to the hypergrid entirely, nor can I blacklist all of OSgrid. What more can I do besides ban the individual user, if anything?

Question Regarding Slow Region Load Times

Hey everyone! I recently purchased a secondary server for my grid, wich is much more powerful than my current one in order to handle all of the region load, and to free up my primary server so that it can handle the website and grid ROBUST instance.

The grid was running everything off of one server, including Apache, MYSQL, Robust, and 8 seperate simulators with 5 regions in each sim cluster. The server was handling all of this relatively well, however as my grid continued to grow in both population density and region load I began noticing login issues for users with larger inventories, and slow I thought it was time to rent a new server to help mitigate the load.

On the new server I installed a separate MariaDB to act as the region database, and moved 7 of my region clusters over to it (the primary cluster wich contains welcome regions stayed on the main server.) The migration went over pretty well, and all of the several Gigabytes of data that were in the backup from the original MYSQL Database transferred over to MariaDB on the new server with little difficulty.

I and several residents are now noticing an issue though when teleporting to a region located on the new server. Load times seem to be significantly longer, and rezzing anything seems to take a while. This is not on ALL regions located on the new server though, just certain ones and it seems to affect varriregions more than single 1x1's.

I was expecting an increase in load speed on the new server, since it has 3x as much ram as the old one and a better processor but for some regions this seems to be the exact opposite. Does anyone have any idea why this could be the case?

Questions Regarding Upgrading from Opensim 0.9 RC1 to 0.9 Release

Hello Everyone! So, I have been running my grid MisFitz on the old 0.9 RC1 release for about 10 months now, and since the official release has been out for a while and seems to have been implemented smoothly across many grids, I thought that it may be time to upgrade.

I was wondering if there have been any known issues with upgrading from RC1 to the newest official 0.9 release, and if it still preserves the same data structure within the MYSQL Database (doesn't alter any existing tables).

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[WATCHDOG] Timeout Errors

Hey everyone! I have another question here. It seems that we have, off and on, been getting red timeout errors at random intervals. These used to not occur very often, but they are now becoming much more frequent.

Strangely enough, the errors seem to only occur when very few people are online (1-3) and when the grid is more populated, they become almost non-existent. These timeouts are an issue, because when we get a lot of them at once there is noticeable in-world lag, and occasional login issues.

Here is a screenshot of what I am referring too. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)

Questions Regarding Sending Offline Messages to Email

Hello everyone! I have run into a problem, and I have been trying for a few days straight now to solve this.

My grid has grown to a sufficient size, to where I wish to enable offline messages to be sent to user email. I have signed up for an external SMTP service through mailgun to handle this, and provided the necessary hookup information into the [SMTP] section of all opensim.ini files being run with every simulator. Absolutely nothing seems to happen though.

I have heard from a few other grid owners that the default SMTP settings within opensim have become unreliable, and that could be a cause. I have heard from others that it could be a configuration issue, and further research into this topic has come up with a wide array of different responses. Some even create there own seperate module entirely to handle offline email services.

I would like to know what your experiences were in getting offline IM's to be sent to email (if you have this feature) and what you could possibly reccomend. Thanks in advance. :)

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MisFitz Shopping Center Opens its Doors!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official opening of the MisFitz Shopping Center! Our shopping area utilizes the GloeBit currency system, and we currently have 2 shop owners beginning to set up.

All individuals are welcome to drop by, and you can use the following Hg URL to reach us: Grid Shopping

There is a small chance you may get dropped off at our welcome region when using the above URL. If this happens, just fly directly south to the next sim over. You really cannot miss it. Also post here to let me know so I can fix this issue. Right now I only have reports from a couple of people that this happened so it could just be a viewer thing. Will not know unless more people speak up though. :)

Here are some screenshots. There is more to come soon! :)
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Misfitz Grid Adopts GloeBits Currency~!

I wish to share a very exciting announcement with you all! Misfitz Grid now has currency enabled grid wide, and everything seems to be working quite well. This is a major step for the grid, and we look forward to seeing Vendors, DJ's, and others putting this new system to the test very soon. :)

Issue with Group Invites

Hey all! Lately a couple of residents have pointed at an issue when they try to invite other people to there groups. It seems when loading the group through the "Group Info" page and attempting to invite someone using the "Invite Member" option there it gives the resident list, lets them chose a resident...but the actual Invite button is greyed out.

However, when the same individuals having this issue Right Click on another person, go to More>>Invite to Group, then proceed to select the group it works without any issue at all. It seems 1 method for inviting wich should work is therefor malfunctioning, whereas the other invite method has no issues.

We are running Opensim RC1, and utilizing the Groups v2 Module if that makes a difference. Any insight is appreciated. Its not critical, as invites do function...just a bit tedious. :)

Grid Currency and What Options are Viable

Hello again everyone! I have another question for you all, wich again will probably have many different answers, as much of it will boil down to many grid owners personal opinions. I am fine with this, as that is exactly what I want to hear in this case. :)

If you use a form of currency on your world, what did you decide to go with? We have been debating wether to install a form of currency on our own world, and people seem to be in favor of doing so overall. We would like whatever currency option we go with though to be widely accepted throughout the Hypergrid, as we wish to encourage inter-grid commerce.

So far, we have been debating between either Podex or GloeBits. both seem to have there equal merits and we are unsure which would actually be the more solid option...or if there are other choices yet wich we may have overlooked entirely.

We are set on 2 things though. 1, we will not be making our own currency from scratch. The legal issues that brings about are far too complex, and we would much rather go with a pre-existing currency operator within Opensim that has a good reputation amongst other virtual worlds. 2, we will not use Virwox.

If any of you have any insight into the matter of grid currency, all thoughts and opinions are welcome. :)

Question on Controlling HyperGrid Acess

Hello everyone! I have another question wich I am hoping someone may be able to answer. Any input is appreciated. :)

We would like to have the full Hypergrid experience available to members of our grid, whereas they are able to leave our world and visit any other world that they please with no restriction. However, we would like to limit incoming HG teleports from the outside to just 1 region (probably more later on).

I thought that I had done this, and we now had this restriction in place. However, I am getting reports from some residents that this is not the case as some of them had tried testing this and brought alts that they had from other grids to regions other than our "supposedly" only HG accesible region.

Under the [GateKeeperService] section, I have:
AllowTeleportsToAnyRegion = False
ForeignAgentsAllowed = true

Under [GridService] I have:
Region_Welcome = "DefaultRegion, DefaultHGRegion, FallbackRegion"

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