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New wardrobe
Morning! Today post is dedicate to my last order and shopping, i hope do you like it!  Thsi time i've finda lot of cute stuff, i wanted buy all XD...but i need to save money for my next trip to London and Tokyo For start, one of my wishlist of this year, a ...

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Its time to come back, i guess ...mmm! Its really long time that i dont make new post, eheheh. I dont've nothing of special news, so i want post some recent coordinate. Its long time that i dont follow gyaru comm or others, but i wany continue to inspire my...

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Shopping Maniac: Sheinside Reviews
Hello dear, how are you?^^ Taday post is a reviews about a super cute shop online,  Sheinside You can find a lot of beautifull stuff with a really conveniet price; for this first time i choide this 3 items:   White tank top Link   I need a simply top, so i ...

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Flower power
Short update today, eheh! Two simply coord of today and yesterday, both with flowers print! When is spring/summer i really love this kind of dresses, they make me feel happy.  I'm start with this kind of hair...but in the and of party.....i'm come home in t...

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No time for a title
Mornig averybody! Today i'm really tired, i've worked so much...but finally i'm home and i've find a super surprise: a new parcel with a lot of new stuff !! I've find a lot of new cute store lately, and now that is sale time my wallet is always empty, ehehe...

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Its long time that i dont visit this blog. Time where a lot of thing are changed, so i want re-start again. So...bye-bye Liz Lisa style or Mar*s style... i grow up, and i need more mature and fashionable look. And i dont want refere to me with gyaru, even i...

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Wake up, sunny morning
Its really long time that this blog is dead, sorrryyy :P! Now the spring is coming, i hope to post more often, becuase surely i'll most interesting stuff to post XD; for exemple, i reallylove when i see the new brand collections, i fell really inspired and ...

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Talking about spring fashion: One Spo s/s 2014 /// one gyaru outfit
Happy Saturday cutipie! Today i want talk with you about the new gyaru brands spring collections. I've see something of Liz Lisa and Ingni, but nothing of official, but i've find the new One Spo web catalog: is STUNNING !!! I really love this brand, and thi...

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Winter shopping, great shopping
  Finally one new post, sorry if lately i dont post nothing, but i'm really busy ç_ç!! I 've  other things to write about , but I'll do a post at a time; today the main protagonist is the last shopping that i made ^o^! __ i love when the pack is do huge X...

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GEO Starmish Brown review // changing in the air
Hello!! I'm super late but happy new year!! Today i want made a review about my lenses; i've buy them one mouth ago...but only now I decided to made a post, i'm really lazy =0=. The lense are the GEO Starmish Brown, from Eyecandys   Was a litle time that i ...
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