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After Hannibal and Before American Gods - we still have to eat!
While we wait for H4NNIBAL and until Spring 17 when American Gods premiers, I've been having a bit of a break from blogging. Fannibals at NYComicCon gathered to get their Feeding Hannibal cookbooks signed by me and Bryan Fulle Ushering the Feeding Hannibal ...

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Episode 13: Wrath of the Lamb
Twisted torment of our lives Swallowed by the lashing sea Red moon burns the dark of night A silent searing scream. Bedelia...have you won your second chance  to lose this deadly game of love. Wha...ARE THEY DEAD? Or perhaps... In Blake's epic painting of D...

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Episode 10: Woman Clothed in the Sun
Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forest of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Blake's "Woman Clothed in the Sun"  Dolareba...or Dragon hyde? In his most famous poem, Blake could be describing the Red Dragon as much as...

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Episode 9: Woman Clothed With the Sun
Sadly, Will's new dog Ate my opening poem. Nothing to put here. Alas! Peeking at the sets and poking around the studio   As the food consultant on Hannibal my job is to create the food you see on screen. But as part of the Hannibal team, we are all immersed...

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Episode 8 The Great Red Dragon
Vide cor muem   When you see the beauty of my heart You no longer see the beast Blood-red black against the black of night.   Empowered by the moon Yet longing always to be wrapped flames by the sun. Vide cor meum “See my heart” is from Dante’s sonnet to

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Episode 7: Digestivo
I don’t find you that interesting...   A bullet inscribed I won’t miss you Hits its mark. The pain, a chill.   You will. Poor Will. Death by a thousand cuts – it’s six hundred
sixty-six and counting. He’s been beaten, shot and thrown from a train, sawed  in...

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Episode 6: Dolce
Circle closes Noose tightens Night falls Up side umop Our end becomes our beginning. Dolce: figs, almond cake, comb honey, dates, pomegranates, dried apricots and seasonal fruits All the sweet things that would have been on the table at the Last Supper are ...

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Episode 5 Contorno
Looping back. Future’s face is traced upon the past. Looping back again, again to find myself. To find out who I was when I lost all trace of you. As Chiyoh tells Will, some species of snails can survive
being eaten by birds, pass through the birds’ digesti...

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Episode 4
Less Is more   Next to nothing.   Save Hannibal.   Hannibal's empty kitchen cold and heartless - altho I think there is still some liver in the fridge... Normally, I am fairly outraged when there aren’t any food
scenes in a new Hannibal script. How is a foo...

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Episode 3 Secondo
Two pins of light in the darkness Star and Firefly.   Capture the firefly in a jar Briefly, it will light your way.   Capture the star? Never. But it burns, white hot and constant Long after you have turned and gone away. Honey, grab your apron and your pas...
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