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Veganlovlie | Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Cooking
Mauritian inspired vegan & vegetarian recipes wholesome and homemade, mostly nut-free, seed-free, low soy (some gluten-free, raw), healthful articles, crafts and cruelty-free jewellery. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Mauritian inspired vegan & vegetarian recipes wholesome and homemade, mostly nut-free, seed-free, low soy (some gluten-free, raw), healthful articles, crafts and cruelty-free jewellery. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle.


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It's been a while but we're back with a new recipe video! 😀 We promised to share our vegan mayonnaise recipe about a year ago. We hope you'll enjoy this recipe ✿ This homemade mayonnaise recipe that is low in fat, eggless, cholesterol-free, soy-free and nut-free. It tastes surprisingly like real mayo and perhaps even better. Watch the video -
Printable recipe -

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Chocolate and pear lovers should find much joy in this cake — whole sweet juicy California Bartlett pears cushioned inside deliciously moist and mellow chocolate cake with a beautiful chocolate ganache glaze. This cake is quite simply … marvellous! Every bite is delightful. This Whole Pear Chocolate Cake is steamed in a pressure cooker and is an ideal cake for the summer months. [Recipe features electric / stovetop pressure cooker and baking options]. Recipe with video -

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Soup is one of those soul-satisfying meals that we serve all year round at our place. The weather transition calls for lighter fresh spring vegetable soups with vibrant flavours of the season.

From creamy purees to broth-based soups, this list of handpicked vegan soup recipes makes the most of the season’s produce while some are just all-year evergreen recipes to keep at hand for an easy one-pot meal.

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With a little twist from the classic Leek and Potato Soup, this wholesome pressure cooker soup features lentils for some added protein and warm spicy notes from turmeric. It comes ready in under 30 minutes and can also be made on the stove top. Recipe -

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Vegan chocolate cookies with a hint of chicory or coffee to amp the dense chocolate flavour. These vegan cookies are crunchy when freshly baked and become chewy the next day. Recipe -

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An easy 45-minute one-pot meal which is something in between traditional risotto and kitchri. Featuring turmeric infused dal and red lentils in an oozy brown rice dish with no added oil, I quite inadvertently coined the term "kitchrisotto" - where risotto meets kitchri.
Recipe -

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Beautiful Salt and Pepper Mills rescued from the flames. Read the story... :)
Salt, Pepper and Spice Mills - Rescued From the Flames!

Those who know my work will see that I have begun producing something quite different from my boxes. The story of how this happened is an interesting one.

I have firewood delivered to me every year, and every year while stacking these pieces, I discovered wood that was far too beautiful to end up heating my home. Every year I rescued some of these, putting them aside to dry in my workshop, saving them for… I wasn’t sure what! They were local maple, with lovely figuring, I just couldn’t stand the idea of burning them. So the piles of rescued wood in my workshop grew and grew and grew until this year I couldn’t move around for the stacks of them. I knew the time had come to give them a purpose. And so here they are! I present you with my latest project, the first collection of (for the most part) “Rescue” grinders, for pepper, salt or spices. They are made mostly from the maple from my firewood, with the exception of the few I have made in walnut and cherry. All are lovingly hand turned, polished and finished, each is unique and every mill features a ceramic Crushgrind® mechanism which is guaranteed for 25 years and is a pleasure to use. The finished grinders, though made with material discovered in firewood piles are in no way inferior to those made with commercially available wood. In fact they are superior, as this kind of beautifully figured wood is just about impossible to buy. I guess they are burning it all now. That is such a terrible waste. I wish I could go through all the firewood piles to see what treasures there are to be found. In the “Rescue” mills in particular I see the creation of a useful, beautiful object that will give pleasure for many years to come and I find that intensely satisfying in itself.

You can read more about these on the new Shop page on my site – (linked here ) which I am excited today to announce is open, linking to an Etsy purchase shop . #peppermill #pepper #turning #wood #woodworking #woodturning #curlymaple #crushgrind #novascotiacraft #novascotiacrafts
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