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Armed with Lightroom CC's shiny new "dehaze" tool, and Elegant Theme's newly revamped Divi theme, I've taken a second look at a few photographs from my trip to Machu Picchu 2011.

#peru   #travel   #travelphotography   #southamerica   #travelblogging  

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Posting this here because G+ supports animated gifs and this is quite possibly my most favourite thing on the internet right now.
Animated Photo

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So this is neat. G+ automagically created a "story" based on my recent trip to Denver and the photos that I took with my Android. It doesn't capture all of the awesomeness that I saw, because I used my X-E2 for most of my photography, but I like the integration of photos and maps. I wonder if I can add photos and locations to it, or somehow embed it in my blog

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Gorgeous shot of the city that I took yesterday from Centre Island.

#Toronto #summertime #LakeOntario   #CentreIsland  

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I don't usually share my work content on social media, but I'm super proud of the company I work for and the team that pulled together on this latest initiative.

#Telus   #IMadeThis  

Off to Montreal for the weekend. What's the one thing I should be sure to do?

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Every time I open g+ I'm amazed by how sleek it is. I don't know why I don't use this more!

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Over the last few days I’ve seen several friends share a link to a shiny new crowd-funded travel site on Facebook, and each time I’ve seen it, immediately I think, “nope”. Perhaps it’s the way Trevolta is promoting it. The idea is that we’d plan a big and amazing trip, and then ask our friends and family members to help pay for it. Sounds great, right? Who doesn’t want to see the world for free?

This girl. Take a a read and find out why!
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