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Criminal charges for underpayment of prevailing wages and fringe benefits. This is some serious stuff!

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AASHTO Trns•port (Certified Payroll) Payroll Spreadsheet now required by Virginia DOT. QuickBooks can't do it-we can
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Join me for a #Certified #Payroll Webinar - topics include CA eCPR/AASHTO
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I turn my computer off every night. How about you?
It has been one of the most long-running discussions in computing: is it better to leave your PC turned on when you're not using it, or should you always turn it off? There are actually some pretty solid arguments for either approach, meaning the answer depends on how, and how much, you use the computer.…
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Coming soon! Don't upgrade without knowing if it will work with existing software, like QuickBooks or you could be sorry!
The shrouded veil of secrecy has been lifted from the latest edition of Microsoft Office. Excitement for Office 2016 is still lagging behind the Windows 10 enthusiasm camp, but following the July 29 release of Windows 10, attention will return to the world's most popular productivity suite. Office 2016, like Windows 10, has been re-designed within…
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30 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know - Slideshow from
It's the ultimate digital repository. But what are the tips and tricks that will make you an Evernote master? We've got them here for you.
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Good News! Another Webinar Today – Thursday, May 14th at 1 pm EDT | Consulting 4 QuickBooks® - Done Right! #inventory
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Have them in circles
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Humm...Windows 10, is it really "free"?
"Free" is a word we hear with increasing frequency. In this context, we are referring to the "free" upgrade to Windows 10. Many millions of users will indeed have a free Windows 10 upgrade. Others, holding onto their now aging Windows XP and Vista machines, won't. But just what is this free Windows we are expecting?…
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Make sure #QuickBooks will run before upgrading!
The final version of Windows will be released on July 29th, but not everyone will be able to upgrade on launch day. Not only is the free Windows 10 upgrade restricted to a subset of existing users, Microsoft also won't be able to upgrade all eligible devices simultaneously. Should you be eligible, you might also…
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6 Features Disappearing in Windows 10 (and How to Replace Them) |
Many of your old Windows favorites will NOT be joining you in Windows 10. Here's what you can do about it.
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Take the 2015 Government Contracting Survey #Government #construction -- important survey on contracting practices
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Committed to providing contractors using QuickBooks with solutions!
Since October 2000, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., has been provided QuickBooks integrated add-on software to help contractors automate the complexities of certified payroll and AIA Billing; so they can be paid on time.

Having worked with QuickBooks since it first came out in the early 1990's, and specializing in the commercial construction industry when I had an active bookkeeping practice -- and even right up until today; I'm amazed at how few resources or reference material there are for How to Use QuickBooks in the Commercial/Government Construction Industry.

In our experience, anyone can say that they "know" QuickBooks - but when you start talking about Certified Payroll, AIA Billing, weighted-average-overtime, getting equipment costs into job costing reports - you begin to see their eyes glaze over; we deal with that everyday. 

We'll teach you the things you need to know about using QuickBooks, that you won't find in the QuickBooks Help file, in order to successfully run your construction business and obtain accurate job costing reports.

You'll find high-quality (budget friendly) training without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Sunburst provides free and fee-based QuickBooks training through:
  • eBooks
  • Live webinars
  • Pre-recorded webinars
  • 1-on-1 training in 1, 2, or 4 hour blocks of time
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