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FREE Frontend Web Design Training. Learn to use Webflow to build spectacular websites.

One day only. Friday February 10, 2017.

Kingston, Jamaica. Contact me for information.

I'm looking for a way to manipulate populate the datalayer with JS and google tag manager.

Forgive me, I'm still on the learning curve, I'll probably figure this out with a bit of time. Here's the scenario:

I can't touch the backend of a the site and I need to move faster than the devs are likely to respond (my ideal scenario would involve me being able to update the datalayer from the backend).

Luckily I already have a tag manager container installed on the site. Now I'm looking for a way to populate the datalayer without relying on the backend devs. Would love some pointers.

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Here come the Bash clients for Let's Encrypt - and Dehydrated
I was recently working on a server with a pretty old OS. In the past I've configured SSL using EFF's Certbot, a Python based client for managing Let's Encrypt's certificates, but Certbot requires Python 2.7 or better and the server only shipped with Python ...

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Small Plone team ready for interesting problems
Starting December 1, 2016 the Alteroo  team will be available for new Plone gigs. Our team members check are ready to dive into modern Plone development including Diazo, Javascript/ReactJS/Webpack/Babel, Plone 5, Plone 4, Pyramid/Kotti, QA, Linux server adm...

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Dear future ReactJS using self, you will need to know about babel-pollyfil
Hello future self. This is a quick note on how to use the babel-polyfill. Perhaps it is so far enough into the future that all browsers now support all of ES6 or better natively. Just in case you're still needing to support the few stubborn Internet Explore...

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Photos from PyCon Jamaica 2016

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Installing Plone 5 on Windows: Part 2 - Installing Plone
This is part 2 of installing Plone 5 on Windows. The following instructions are specific to installing Plone 5 on Windows. Part 1 covered preparing your Windows machine for Plone . Assumptions Your system has been configured using the steps outlined in part...

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PyCon Jamaica Banner

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The Great Python Scavenger Hunt, happening this weekend at the Hope Zoo.
After the PyCon Jamaica 2016 tech conference there will be the Great Python Scavenger Hunt Race on November 19, 2016 at the Zoo
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