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This is the official page for the SciTE installer provided by

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I've released the installer for v3.7.2 now. Changes in the installer are minor, I removed the status bar which was not very useful.

Edit: Initially I removed my default monospace for known languages mod, but I have placed it back now that I have solved the problem. More info here:!topic/scite-interest/2pBLrMTuuDs/discussion

As always, head here for the installer and let me know of any issues:

Release 3.7.2

Released 30 December 2016.

* Minimize redrawing for SCI_SETSELECTIONN* APIs. Bug #1888.
* Use more precision to allow selecting individual lines in files with more than 16.7 million lines.
* For Qt 5, define QT_WS_MAC or QT_WS_X11 on those platforms. Bug #1887.
* For Cocoa, fix crash on view destruction with macOS 10.12.2. Bug #1891.
* Fix crash on GTK+ <3.8 due to incorrect lifetime of accessibility object. More accurate reporting of attribute ranges and deletion lengths for accessibility.
* In SciTE, if a Lua script causes a Scintilla failure exception, display error message in output pane instead of exiting. Bug #1773.

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I've released v3.7.1 with some small changes. I've included the toolbar and status bar by default now. If you turn those off, it shouldn't overwrite when you go to upgrade. I've also added a default (zzz) so that non-language files can be viewed using the default font, and known language files now default to a fixed-width font.

Release 3.7.1

Released 4 December 2016.
* The Scintilla namespace is no longer applied to struct definitions in Scintilla.h even when SCI_NAMESPACE defined. Client code should not define SCI_NAMESPACE.
* Structure names in Scintilla.h without prefixes are deprecated and will now only be usable with INCLUDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES defined.
* Use the newer names with the "Sci_" prefix:
* CharacterRange ? Sci_CharacterRange
* TextRange ? Sci_TextRange
* TextToFind ? Sci_TextToFind
* RangeToFormat ? Sci_RangeToFormat
* NotifyHeader ? Sci_NotifyHeader
* Previously deprecated features SC_CP_DBCS, SCI_SETUSEPALETTE. and SCI_GETUSEPALETTE have been removed and can no longer be used in client code.
* Accessibility support allowing screen readers to work added on GTK+ and Cocoa.
* Textual tags may be displayed to the right on folded lines with SCI_TOGGLEFOLDSHOWTEXT. This is commonly something like "{ ... }" or "<tr>...</tr>". It is displayed with the STYLE_FOLDDISPLAYTEXT style and may have a box drawn around it with SCI_FOLDDISPLAYTEXTSETSTYLE.
* A mouse right-click over the margin may send an SCN_MARGINRIGHTCLICK event. This only occurs when popup menus are turned off. SCI_USEPOPUP now has three states: SC_POPUP_NEVER, SC_POPUP_ALL, or SC_POPUP_TEXT.
* INDIC_POINT and INDIC_POINTCHARACTER indicators added to display small arrows underneath positions or characters.
* Added alternate appearance for visible tabs which looks like a horizontal line. Controlled with SCI_SETTABDRAWMODE. Feature #1165.
* On Cocoa, a modulemap file is included to allow Scintilla to be treated as a module. This makes it easier to use Scintilla from the Swift language.
* Baan folder accommodates sections and lexer fixes definition of SCE_BAAN_FUNCDEF.
* EDIFACT lexer and folder added. Feature #1166.
* JSON folder fixed where it didn't resume folding with the correct fold level.
* Matlab folder based on syntax instead of indentation so more accurate. Bug #1692.
* YAML lexer fixed style of references and keywords when followed by a comment. Bug #1872.
* Margin click to select line now clears rectangular and additional selections.
* Fixed a NULL access bug on GTK+ where the scrollbars could be used during destruction. Bug #1873.
* A potential bug on GTK+ fixed where asynchronous clipboard could be delivered after its target Scintilla instance was destroyed.
* Cocoa IME made more compliant with documented behaviour to avoid bugs that caused huge allocations. Bug #1881.
* On Win32 fix EM_SETSEL to match Microsoft documentation.. Bug #1886.
* SciTE on GTK+ allows localising tool bar tool tips. Feature #1167.
* SciTE on Windows restores focus to edit pane after closing user strip.
* SciTE measures files larger that 2 GB which allows it to refuse to open huge files more consistently and to show better warning messages.

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I have released the installer for v3.7.0, as usual, please let me know of any problems or potential improvements.

Release 3.7.0

Released 16 October 2016.

* Word selection, navigation, and manipulation is now performed on characters instead of bytes leading to more natural behaviour for multi-byte encodings like UTF-8. For UTF-8 characters 0x80 and above, classification into word; punctuation; space; or line-end is based on the Unicode general category of the character and is not customizable. Bug #1832.
* Two enums changed in Scintilla.iface which may lead to changed bindings. There were 2 FontQuality enums and the first is now PhasesDraw. The prefix for FoldAction was SC_FOLDACTION and is now SC_FOLDACTION_ which is similar to other enums. These changes do not affect the standard C/C++ binding.
* EDGE_MULTILINE and SCI_MULTIEDGEADDLINE added to allow displaying multiple vertical edges simultaneously.
* The number of margins can be changed with SCI_SETMARGINS.
* Margin type SC_MARGIN_COLOUR added so that the application may choose any colour for a margin with SCI_SETMARGINBACKN.
* On Win32, mouse wheel scrolling can be restricted to only occur when the mouse is within the window.
* The WordList class in lexlib used by lexers adds an InListAbridged method for matching keywords that have particular prefixes and/or suffixes.
* The Baan lexer was changed significantly with more lexical states, keyword sets, and support for abridged keywords.
* The CoffeeScript lexer styles interpolated code in strings. Bug #1865.
* The Progress lexer "progress" has been replaced with a new lexer "abl" (Advanced Business Language) with a different set of lexical states and more functionality. The lexical state prefix has changed from SCE_4GL_ to SCE_ABL_. Feature #1143.
* The PowerShell lexer understands the grave accent escape character. Bug #1868.
* The YAML lexer recognizes inline comments. Bug #1660.
* SciTE on Windows can retain coloured selection when inactive with selection.always.visible property.
* SciTE on Windows adds a state to close.on.find to close the find strip when a match is found.
* Fix caret position after left or right movement with rectangular selection. Bug #1861.
* In SciTE, optional prefix argument added to scite.ConstantName method. Bug #1860.
* On Cocoa, include ILexer.h in the public headers of the framework. Bug #1855.
* On Cocoa, allow subclass of SCIContentView to set cursor. Bug #1863.
* On Cocoa, recognize the numeric keypad '+', '-', and '/' keys as SCK_ADD, SCK_SUBTRACT, and SCK_DIVIDE. Bug #1867.
* On GTK+ 3.21+ fix incorrect font size in auto-completion list. Bug #1859.
* Fix SciTE crash when command.mode ends with comma. Bug #1857.
* SciTE on Windows has a full size toolbar icon for "Close".

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Hi all, we have release 3.67. I've made a slight change to wscitecm from a user suggestion, so keep an eye on that for any new problems.

Release 3.6.7

Released 4 September 2016.

* C++11 range-based for loops used in SciTE so GCC 4.6 is now the minimum supported version.
* SC_CHARSET_DEFAULT now means code page 1252 on Windows unless a code page is set. This prevents unexpected behaviour and crashes on East Asian systems where default locales are commonly DBCS. Projects which want to default to DBCS code pages in East Asian locales should set the code page and character set explicitly.
* SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART option stops left arrow from wrapping to the previous line. Most commonly wanted when virtual space is used. Bug #1648.
* The C++ lexer can fold on #else and #elif with the property. Bug #210.
* The errorlist lexer detects warnings from Visual C++ which do not contain line numbers.
* The HTML lexer no longer treats "<?" inside a string in a script as potentially starting an XML document. Bug #767.
* The HTML lexer fixes a problem resuming at a script start where the starting state continued past where it should. Bug #1849.
* When inserting spaces for virtual space and the position is in indentation and tabs are enabled for indentation then use tabs. Bug #1850.
* Fix fold expand when some child text not styled. Caused by fixes for Bug #1799. Bug #1842.
* Fix key binding bug on Cocoa for control+. Bug #1854.
* Fix scroll bar size warnings on GTK+ caused by #1831. Bug #1851.
* Small fixes for GTK+ makefile. Bug #1844. Bug #1845. Bug #1846.
* Fix SciTE indentation after code like "void function () {}".
* Fix SciTE global regex replace of "^" with something which missed the line after empty lines with LF line ends. Bug #1839.
* Fix SciTE on GTK+ 3.20 bug where toggle buttons on find and replace strips did not show active state. Bug #1853.

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Hi again, back with a bit of a late release. This version hopefully (finally) fixes the issue with user options not being stored in the right location and brings the latest 3.66 release. Let me know of any problems and I will try and look into it.

Release 3.6.6

Released 24 May 2016.

* C++ 11 <regex> support built by default. Can be disabled by defining NO_CXX11_REGEX.
* SciTE_USERHOME environment variable allows separate location for writable properties files. Feature #965.
* GObject introspection supports notify and command events.
* The Progress lexer now allows comments preceded by a tab.
* Scripts reading Scintilla.iface file include comments for enu and lex definitions. Bug #1829 .
* Fix crashes on GTK+ if idle work active when destroyed. Bug #1827.
* Fixed bugs when used on GTK+ 3.20. Bug #1825. Bug #1831.
* Fix SciTE search field background with dark theme on GTK+ 2.x. Bug #1826.
* Fixed bug on Win32 that allowed resizing autocompletion from bottom when it was located above the caret.
* On Win32, when using a screen reader and selecting text using Shift+Arrow, fix bug when scrolling made the caret stay at the same screen location so the screen reader did not speak the added or removed selection.

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Hi all, the 3.6.5 release is here.  My page seems to have fallen off google search results, that is never good.  Please report releases in your blogs etc. to help and a few +1's probably can't hurt on the releases to help SEO.

Download is here:

Release 3.6.5

Released 26 April 2016.

* JSON lexer added. Feature #1140.
* The C++ lexer fixes a bug with multi-line strings with line continuation where the string style overflowed after an edit. Bug #1824.
* The Python lexer treats '@' as an operator except when it is the first visible character on a line. This is for Python 3.5.
* The Rust lexer allows '?' as an operator. Feature #1146.
* Doubled size of compiled regex buffer. Bug #1822.
* For GTK+, the Super modifier key can be used in key bindings. Feature #1142.
* For GTK+, fix some crashes when using multiple threads.
* Platform layer font cache removed on GTK+ as platform-independent caches are used. This avoids the use of thread locking and initialisation of threads so any GTK+ applications that rely on Scintilla initialising threads will have to do that themselves.
* SciTE bug fixed with exported HTML where extra line shown. Bug #1816.
* SciTE on Windows fixes bugs with pop-up menus in the find and replace strips. For the replace strip, menu choices change the state. For the find strip, menu choices are reflected in the appearance of their corresponding buttons.
* SciTE on Windows on high DPI displays fixes the height of edit boxes in user strips.

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Hey all, we now have 3.6.4, my new hosted site is working well.  Apologies that old links and images are now broken, I was hosting my own redirect but I soon discovered that there are many people that won't have that and had my home server DDOS'd to death until I switched off all the redirecting.  Ah well, that's life.  Anyway, we still have the installer hosted, the old links will be lost in history after a bit.

I noticed on the last release, my properties files merges seemed to be broken, I don't know how that happened, but once again, all is well.  I went to get the new HTML Tidy binaries, but that trusty link was not available, so sticking with the version we had last time.

Please excuse hiccups, if you notice something amiss I can always quickly fix and re-upload.

Once again, here is the new download location:

And here is the change log:

Release 3.6.4

Released 13 March 2016.

* SciTE allows setting the autocompletion type separator character.
* The C++ folder folds code on '(' and ')' to allow multi-line calls to be folded. Feature #1138.
* For the HTML lexer, limit the extent of Mako line comments to finish before the line end characters.
* Folds unfolded when two fold regions are merged by either deleting an intervening line or changing its fold level by adding characters. This was fixed both in Scintilla and in SciTE's equivalent code. Bug #1799.
* The Progress lexer supports hexadecimal numeric literals, single-line comments, abbreviated keywords and extends nested comments to unlimited levels.
* Ruby lexer treats alternate hash key syntax "key:" as a symbol. Bug #1810.
* Rust lexer handles bracketed Unicode string escapes like "\u{123abc}". Bug #1809.
* For GTK+ on Windows fix 64-bit build which was broken in 3.6.3.
* For Qt, release builds have assertions turned off.
* For Qt on Windows, fix compilation failure for Qt 4.x.
* IME target range displayed on Qt for OS X.
* On Windows, make clipboard operations more robust by retrying OpenClipboard if it fails as this may occur when another application has opened the clipboard.
* On Windows back out change that removed use of def file to ensure Scintilla_DirectFunction exported without name mangling. Bug #1813.
* On GTK+ and Qt over Win32 in Korean fix bug caused by last release's word input change.
* For SciTE, more descriptive error messages are displayed when there are problems loading the Lua startup script. Feature #1139.

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Hi all, take note that I have changed hosts and my pages all have different web addresses now. The SciTE installer page is now here:

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A belated happy new year to everyone! I wish you all the best in the year to come. I'm back again with the installer for release v3.6.3, as usual, watch out for any issues and report them, and give me any suggestions for improvements.

Release 3.6.3

Released 18 January 2016.

* Allow painting without first styling all visible text then styling in the background using idle-time. This helps performance when scrolling down in very large documents. Can also incrementally style after the visible area to the end of the document so that the document is already styled when the user scrolls to it.
* Support GObject introspection on GTK+.
* SciTE supports pasting to each selection with the selection.multipaste setting. Feature #1123.
* SciTE can optionally display a read-only indicator on tabs and in the Buffers menu.
* Bash lexer flags incomplete here doc delimiters as syntax errors. Bug #1789.
* Support added for using '#' in non-comment ways as is possible with zsh. Bug #1794.
* Recognize more characters as here-doc delimiters. Bug #1778.
* Errorlist lexer highlights warning messages from the Microsoft linker.
* Errorlist lexer fixes bug with final line in escape sequence recognition mode.
* Lua lexer includes '&' and '|' bitwise operators for Lua 5.3. Bug #1790.
* Perl lexer updated for Perl 5.20 and 5.22.
* Allow '_' for subroutine prototypes. Bug #1791.
* Double-diamond operator <<>>.
* Hexadecimal floating point literals.
* Repetition in list assignment. Bug #1793.
* Highlight changed subroutine prototype syntax for Perl 5.20. Bug #1797.
* Fix module ::-syntax when special characters such as 'x' are used.
* Added ' and " detection as prefix chars for x repetition operator. Bug #1800.
* Visual Prolog lexer recognizes numbers more accurately and allows non-ASCII verbatim quoting characters. Feature #1130.
* Send SCN_UPDATEUI with SC_UPDATE_SELECTION when the application changes multiple selection.
* Expand folded areas before deleting fold header line. Bug #1796.
* Treat Unicode line ends like common line ends when maintaining fold state.
* Highlight whole run for hover indicator when wrapped. Bug #1784.
* On Cocoa, fix crash when autocompletion list closed during scroll bounce-back. Bug #1788.
* On Windows, fix non-BMP input through WM_CHAR and allow WM_UNICHAR to work with non-BMP characters and on non-Unicode documents. Bug #1779.
* On Windows using DirectWrite, for ligatures and other character clusters, display caret and selections part-way through clusters so that the caret doesn't stick to the end of the cluster making it easier to understand editing actions.
* On Windows, Scintilla no longer uses a .DEF file during linking as it duplicates source code directives.
* On GTK+ and Qt, Korean input by word fixed.
* On GTK+, Qt, and Win32 block IME input when document is read-only or any selected text is protected.
* On GTK+ on OS X, fix warning during destruction. Bug #1777.
* Fix SciTE crashes when using LPEG lexers.

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Hi all, back again for my installer for SciTE release 3.6.2.  As always, please report issues/suggestions for improvements or changes.

Release 3.6.2

Released 6 November 2015.

* Whitespace may be made visible just in indentation.
* Whitespace dots are centred when larger than 1 pixel.
* The Scintilla framework on Cocoa now contains version numbers.
* SciTE's standard properties collect values from all active .properties file to produce the Language menu and the file types pull-down in the File open dialog.
* The single executable version of SciTE, Sc1, uses 'module' statements within its embedded properties. This makes it act more like the full distribution allowing languages to be turned on and off by setting imports.include and imports.exclude. The default imports.exclude property adds eiffel, erlang, ps, and pov so these languages are turned off by default.
* SciTE adds an output.blank.margin.left property to allow setting the output pane margin to a different width than the edit pane.
* CoffeeScript lexer highlights ranges correctly. Bug #1765.
* Markdown lexer treats line starts consistently to always highlight foo or similar at line start. Bug #1766.
* Optimise marker redrawing by only drawing affected lines when markers shown in the text.
* On Cocoa, timers and idling now work in modal dialogs. This also stops some crashes.
* On Cocoa, fix crashes when deleting a ScintillaView. These crashes could occur when scrolling at the time the ScintillaView was deleted although there may have been other cases.
* On GTK+ 2.x, fix height of lines in autocompletion lists. Bug #1774.
* Fix bug with SCI_LINEENDDISPLAY where the caret moved to the next document line instead of the end of the display line. Bug #1772.
* Report error (SC_STATUS_FAILURE) when negative length passed to SCI_SETSTYLING. Bug #1768.
* When SC_MARK_UNDERLINE is not assigned to a margin, stop drawing the whole line.
* When reverting an untitled document in SciTE, just clear it with no message about a file. Bug #1764.
* SciTE on GTK+ allows use of Ctrl+A (Select All) inside find and replace strips. Bug #1769.
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