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Next semester's class line-up: Phil Morrison, Mike Downer, Steven Weinberg. Thankfully, none of them are at 8 AM.
+Akarsh Simha What courses are they going to teach and which one's do you want to do? (and why!?)
Nonlinear dynamics, Nonlinear optics, Special topics in Particle Physics -- because they are interesting.
+Akarsh Simha What is expected to be covered in "special topics in particle physics"? And you plan to do all of these courses? Almost anything in science is very interesting if one goes deep into it but that can hardly be a justification for taking up a course on it! - what do you want to specialize in?
Only Dr. Weinberg knows what he intends to cover. Yeah, while NLD and NLO are very useful for my research, Dr. Weinberg's course is a "hobby" course and I'm just going to be sitting in on it to learn some stuff.
+Akarsh Simha Have you done any other course by Weinberg earlier? So what are you specializing in?
Yes. Weinberg taught us QM-1 and QM-2. I'm specializing in Atomic and Molecular Physics.
+Akarsh Simha So you have shifted quite a bit from your undergrad work on fluid dynamics and black-holes...
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