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Hey, gang...just wanted to let you know that a bunch of us from Evil Hat will be at Origins Game Fair in June promoting the co-op card game and DFA. We will have our own booth - though I don't know more information about that yet - and will be available on occasion at Indie Press Revolution. Some of us will be running the card game, others of us will be running DFA in Games on Demand. I myself will be at the Evil Hat Booth every day to help people with questions about DFA, especially the settings information and character generation.

Please come by and say hello. We'd love to meet you. 

Yep, Dresden Files Accelerated is now available for pre-order at ...and yep, you can download the PDF once your purchase goes through.

Thank you for your support. :)

Been interesting seeing feedback on Dresden Files Accelerated. The majority has been about the game system, of course, so I've been watching +Fred Hicks and +Leonard Balsera field questions nicely. I've seen a number of comments on the writing, including speculation on what I hinted at in the marginalia.

Man, Dresden Files fans are conspiracy theorists. :)

In case you guys missed it....Dresden Files Accelerated Edition is off to the editor and getting prepped for Jim's review. It's coming, guys. 

So Origins people....anyone else get a parting gift of con crud? I'm on day three and am breathing-challenged. 

Another year, another Origins gone. Sadness. I love seeing my friends there. Glad to be home but I miss you guys already. 

About to be down with 4 hours of Dungeon World with +Hamish Cameron, +Seth Harris, +Ariana Ramos and my beloved +John Alexander. Love me some Games on Demand. 

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+John Alexander and me at Legends of the Elements, our first GoD session at Origins 2016, run by +Richard Rogers. Was mucho fun. 


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