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Origins Game Fair is our yearly joy. My husband +John Alexander and I see so many people we love and meet people with whom we have played via Hangouts, and we saturate ourselves in indie games in the Games on Demand room. This year was no exception, save that I played in only five GoD games because I was working the Evil Hat booth in the vendor hall. And THAT was a brand-new experience, too.

I got a lot of support and love from friends new and old as DRESDEN FILES ACCELERATED, or DFA, hit the streets on 14 June and promptly sold out all copies by end of day Friday. (Sorry, people who wanted to buy a copy Saturday or Sunday.) I am DFA's lead author, with +Leonard Balsera the lead system developer, but still, watching people like +Morgan Ellis and +Nicholas Hopkins run our game in GoD and hear responses/reactions was a very different thing.

I'm still feeling the high from having Evil Hat and the DRESDEN FILES products so well received at Origins...but what made the whole experience wonderful, as always, was the people. So if I saw you in Columbus, played with you, spoke with you, ate or just hung out with you, THANK YOU.
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So I did a Thing. Thank you to +Lowell Francis for being so wonderful an interviewer and +Jason Cordova for making me sound like I knew what I was talking about. Love you guys!

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Our lead designer and creative director +Leonard Balsera holding a copy of our creation and showing off that great smile.

Lenny is just the best.
Once more, with feeling. Thanks to all the numerous folks who helped and contributed, in big and small ways.

Street date for Dresden Files Accelerated is Very Soon (tm).
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Dresden Files Accelerated update!

Official street date is 14 June - next Wednesday - for launch with the Dresden Files Co-Operative Card Game at Origins Game Fair. Fred has confirmed the expectation is that both will be shipped to FLGSs and pre-orders to coincide with the release sometime next week. I don't know if that's true for international orders.

A whole contingent of Evil Hatters will be at Origins this year. So please swing by booth 131 at Origins starting next Thursday to say hi, purchase DFA and/or DFCO, and give me the chance to thank you for your support.

Something I hadn't mentioned publicly: with DOG MEN I have joined the thematic consulting team for Dynamite Comics' Dresden Files series.
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Hey, gang...just wanted to let you know that a bunch of us from Evil Hat will be at Origins Game Fair in June promoting the co-op card game and DFA. We will have our own booth - though I don't know more information about that yet - and will be available on occasion at Indie Press Revolution. Some of us will be running the card game, others of us will be running DFA in Games on Demand. I myself will be at the Evil Hat Booth every day to help people with questions about DFA, especially the settings information and character generation.

Please come by and say hello. We'd love to meet you.

Yep, Dresden Files Accelerated is now available for pre-order at ...and yep, you can download the PDF once your purchase goes through.

Thank you for your support. :)

Been interesting seeing feedback on Dresden Files Accelerated. The majority has been about the game system, of course, so I've been watching +Fred Hicks and +Leonard Balsera field questions nicely. I've seen a number of comments on the writing, including speculation on what I hinted at in the marginalia.

Man, Dresden Files fans are conspiracy theorists. :)
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In case you guys missed it....Dresden Files Accelerated Edition is off to the editor and getting prepped for Jim's review. It's coming, guys.

So Origins people....anyone else get a parting gift of con crud? I'm on day three and am breathing-challenged.
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