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Sue Ranscht
It is not our abilities that define us; it is our choices.
It is not our abilities that define us; it is our choices.

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Marsha Roberts has found the place within herself where she keeps the door open to staying happy. Maybe she can help you find yours, too.

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Sue Ranscht commented on a post on Blogger.
Okay, you've convinced me categorizing by narrower age ranges would benefit readers who have a very clear desire to read about people of a certain age, even when it's not necessarily their own.

On the other hand, for readers like myself who are more interested in a well-told, moving story regardless of character ages, I guess it couldn't hurt. Thank goodness for reviews and word-of-mouth, huh? :)

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She speaks with love in peaceful silence. ♥

#FloralFriday   #RememberingLeeDaniels  

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+Lee Daniels  For all the kindness you showed me, for the generosity of your heart, for the creativity of your soul, I thank you. I will honor your memory with my every attempt to make life on this little planet more beautiful, entertaining, and meaningful. I will miss your wit and your eye, but I'll see them in every laughing twinkle of the vast and loving Universe.

Hey, +Dave Daniels  -- I'm sorry you and your family have lost such a brilliant star. I know you have great memories, and I'm sure you only wish you could have more of them. Be well. ♥


Google+'s Finest are at it again.

From: Google+ team <>
Sue Ranscht
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 5:44 PM
Subject: The Google+ custom URL you requested was not approved

Hello Sue Ranscht,
We were not able to approve your request for this custom URL:
This preapproved URL is still available for your profile:

Dear Google+ Team

LOL! Of course you are able to approve as my custom URL. If you were honest, your response would read:

"Those of us on the Google+ Team who make the decisions to approve or deny custom URLs are petty-minded and officious micro-managing techies with control issues who squelch individual creativity whenever possible because it threatens the existence of the hive mentality. While there is no logical reason in all the Universe not to grant your request, it is our pleasure to make the arbitrary and capricious decision to deny it because it would probably make you happy, and we fear that would make us appear weak in the eyes of the lowly, undeserving minions we are forced to serve."

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