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Works at Self. No retirement plan. I'll work till the day I die, or maybe I'll take that last week off and become Sue the Bubble Lady.
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Sue Ranscht

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Marsha Roberts has found the place within herself where she keeps the door open to staying happy. Maybe she can help you find yours, too.
Diary of a Positive Soul - Have you ever thought something so random that it occurred to you an angel might be whispering in your ear? Ever felt the..
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Hello,Sue Ranscht,i want to know that if i can talk to you or not?i extremely hope you can.i am come from vietnam.
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Sue Ranscht

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Harrison Ford talked about his experience while making The New Hope and said that it was the only movie he'd ever made during which the Director never spoke to the actors. Everyone learned that Lucas was really into the tech stuff, but not at all into the people stuff. Kind of supports the theory that he's Aspergian which also would explain his presumption that his audience is intellectually inferior to himself, so no matter what he rights, they'll accept it simply because he said so.

Sue Ranscht

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Excellent film. I want to believe he killed all four of his original dinner guests at different times in his past, and that the detective was headed for his death, but John's accusation that Warrick had never shot anybody suggests otherwise. (What became of the parking lot attendant?) However, if the detective survives, it's difficult to believe the police won't pursue Warrick even if he runs.

I like the analogy of the chess game. (I would say the Helen Reddy character was the bishop.) So if sending the photo to the detective puts the King (Warrick as himself) in check, does dinner at Warrick' castle the King, who then would be Warrick the Lieutenant?

His lack of scars struck me immediately, and I'm sure his "10 years" corrected by the detective as "6 years" was significant as an indicator of his lack of clarity about time in general and the past specifically.

It will be worth watching again.

Sue Ranscht

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Yeah, I posted a suggestion for the 1st Hopes and Fears -- twice -- on Facebook. I think I deserve homemade pie, not being ignored.

11 books in the Ender/Shadow series, two of which are just kind of add ons.

How about a Joss Whedon TV series of Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

Sue Ranscht

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+Lee Daniels  For all the kindness you showed me, for the generosity of your heart, for the creativity of your soul, I thank you. I will honor your memory with my every attempt to make life on this little planet more beautiful, entertaining, and meaningful. I will miss your wit and your eye, but I'll see them in every laughing twinkle of the vast and loving Universe.

Hey, +Dave Daniels  -- I'm sorry you and your family have lost such a brilliant star. I know you have great memories, and I'm sure you only wish you could have more of them. Be well. ♥

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I like this.
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Sue Ranscht

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This would be my motto if I ever start having a motto.

(The sentiment is mine. The background art is credited to on deviantART.)
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I'm in San Diego, California, USA, +Nizam Zamaan. Where are you from?
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Sue Ranscht

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Have you read "Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death" by John Fanestil? Published in 2006, it looks at a practice from to the Victorian Era that fits nicely with your more recent approach.

Sue Ranscht

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Okay, you've convinced me categorizing by narrower age ranges would benefit readers who have a very clear desire to read about people of a certain age, even when it's not necessarily their own.

On the other hand, for readers like myself who are more interested in a well-told, moving story regardless of character ages, I guess it couldn't hurt. Thank goodness for reviews and word-of-mouth, huh? :)
The publishing world is an ever changing industry. It's a beast in itself with all of its rules, needs, and quirks. Yet this wonderful beast, like a magical being from a fantasy novel, morphs and acclimates with changing tren...
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Thanks! I think it's a great idea that will be helpful all around. :)
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Sue Ranscht

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If the original director left because of a disagreement with Clarke, does that mean Clarke didn't have a problem with the movie as it was ultimately made?

Sue Ranscht

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She speaks with love in peaceful silence. ♥

#FloralFriday   #RememberingLeeDaniels  
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Happy Birthday +Sue Ranscht  :))
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Sue Ranscht

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Google+'s Finest are at it again.

From: Google+ team <>
Sue Ranscht
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 5:44 PM
Subject: The Google+ custom URL you requested was not approved

Hello Sue Ranscht,
We were not able to approve your request for this custom URL:
This preapproved URL is still available for your profile:

Dear Google+ Team

LOL! Of course you are able to approve as my custom URL. If you were honest, your response would read:

"Those of us on the Google+ Team who make the decisions to approve or deny custom URLs are petty-minded and officious micro-managing techies with control issues who squelch individual creativity whenever possible because it threatens the existence of the hive mentality. While there is no logical reason in all the Universe not to grant your request, it is our pleasure to make the arbitrary and capricious decision to deny it because it would probably make you happy, and we fear that would make us appear weak in the eyes of the lowly, undeserving minions we are forced to serve."

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Hopefully by now it's all straightened out?
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Sue Ranscht

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I'm an American living half a world away from Pakistan, and I, too, have had the very great pleasure of connecting with Hafsa on  a level deeper than mere cyber "friends". She has become the ambassador for her country that she believes all authors have the responsibility to become for theirs. And she has helped me to see beyond the negative image our news media too often present of the Middle East.

Thank you for sharing this lovely story about a young woman who is making a difference in the world one word at a time.
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Thank you Susan. We are not just friends but way more than that! There is a huge difference of age between you and me but that just does not matter when it comes to feelings and friendship. I am so happy and proud to have met some amazing people from  the world, who respect me for what i am, listen, encourage and tell me that i am special and doing outstanding. With all love xx
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It is not our abilities that define us; it is our choices.
What am I searching for?  The answer can hardly be encompassed by the term "networking", and certainly doesn't fall anywhere close to the other choices G+ has seen fit to offer below.  I am searching for meaningful interactions.  I am searching for ways to make contributions that improve the lives of people I touch and the world we live in.  I am searching for the wisdom to make choices that will lead me to fulfillment. 

I hope to leave a legacy that has nothing to do with material wealth or fame.  Whether or not we are aware of it, each of us creates a legacy by the example we set in our everyday lives.  Even anonymously, every action we take, every word we speak or write, every smile we share or frown we bestow, lives on in the effects they have on the people they touch.  Admirable things we do may inspire others to change the way they do things.  Negative things we write, say, or do may perpetuate the same behavior in the victims of our thoughtlessness.

When I get to the end, if I have a chance to look back, I want to see my life, not as a series of fun events that gave me momentary self-indulgent happiness (though I have to admit that more than a few of those offer cherished memories), but as the evolution of understanding that leads to a deeply-rooted serenity of the soul.

I have shared pages of some of the people I have met here on Google+ who have become more to me than distantly anonymous profiles.  They are talented, thoughtful, communicative folks.  They have taught me technical things -- particularly about photography -- and they have taught me about the kindness, humor, respect, and depth that can exist in this world between strangers.  Their generosity has made me question how much more generous we all could be with those we actually know.  What I have learned about them as human beings makes me believe you will find them engaging, too.

I hope you enjoy your time on G+, and find it even more rewarding than I have.  It is what you make it -- within the bounds of what the g+ood folks at Google allow you to do.

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I've brought every vehicle I've owned in the last 20 years to Smitty's for service and repair, and never been unhappy or dissatisfied with the results. This time, with my 1989 Honda CRX suddenly threatening to stall out and leave us stranded, the knowledgeable mechanics at Smitty's ID'd a dire problem with the distributor. As always, they worked hard to provide one-day service at the best price available, which means avoiding dealership parts prices if at all possible. They also provide a great warranty on aftermarket parts -- after ensuring they work properly. And they never suggest a vehicle needs work that's optional or unnecessary. Every visit to Smitty's, Mike Magers and his crew will demonstrate the meaning of knowledge, skill, and integrity.
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