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Peaceful Warrior
I am a warrior of peace and a messenger of truth.
I am a warrior of peace and a messenger of truth.

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Time is running out so get onboard with what we have to do.

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It rests in the stars.
It rests in the stars. The morning, pure, delicate And so full of eastern promise, Power to bring the stars to align, The day on which, you became mine. A past, so empty, echoing, The loss of hope became complete, When all I knew failed to be, More than hea...

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A true beauty.
            A true beauty. Holding you, oh no, That could never be just enough, I tremble at the sound of your voice, It’s not my fault, nor my choice, I assume the position, Of a quivering wreck, oh sweet, Sweet Jesus, I’m out of check. Before you came aro...

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True beauty.
        True beauty. The thrill of a sensation, Expectation lifting until weeping, A movement of your surrender, Creases of the smile that doth beguile, Whence came your arrival here, Somehow I sensed of you, Oh so dear, so very pretty dear. Clothed not in ...

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It's about time we faced up top a truth. We are being lied to on a constant daily basis and the end product is our continued ignorance. It is not now nor will ever be bliss....

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Spirit of the festival.
     Spirit of the
festival. The gentle hum
of feet, Draws me to the
dance floor, People calling
for a release, Crushed by life
but seeking more. Freed from the
captive chains, They soon begin
to believe, The force of the
music can, Inspire some
small sense...

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How Brumleys’ ghost still appears to me.
How Brumleys’ ghost still appears to me. Fine featured, fit and flirty, Fun and famously floating by, A wisp of the eloquent magic, That was once a twinkle                                   of
my little eye. Taken to task, thinking happily, A thirst for the...

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The thrill of love.
       The thrill of love. So cheerful the joy, A smile beyond desire, Has brought the dream alive, Once we were used to see, How love was meant to be. Sweet this engagement free, What is meant to come,  A reality of
the highest, Order and more to come. You...

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Drought. I’m undergoing an emotional drought, I had hoped to have been fulfilled, Living the life of a sated man, But I feel somehow underwhelmed, By the attentions that do not come. Peace of mind can be a testing game, The attractive counterpart, companion...

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Jenny Wren
     Jenny Wren You hovered, caring
no doubt, Trying to figure me
perhaps, Wonder what I’m all
about? I felt the breath
caressing, Something in your
eager smiles, A beauty of spirit,
no false dressing. It’s not the first time
seeing, The loveliest way of
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