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Dan LeVaugh
I defy description. Am I vast? I must be, I contain multitudes.
I defy description. Am I vast? I must be, I contain multitudes.
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Pretty much anyone with more than a high school education in the U.S. is aware of the fact that history, as taught in our public schools, is watered-down.... One might even say there are a lot of outright falsehoods (and one would be right.)

True, the history books are generally written by/for the victors. Well, also written by people who make a living selling books to people who are willing to buy them.

Which is why we end up with textbooks that gloss over the fact that the civil war really was caused by white people who honestly thought they were so superior to black people that it was even okay to own them, like cattle. (Side-track: I have heard it argued that most white southerners didn't even OWN slaves. True, but that didn't stop them from believing IN slavery and my best guess is the lack of ownership had more to do with not being able to afford a slave.)

Of course, after public school, you should be getting exposure to somewhat more diverse sources of information. Eventually, you come to realize there is more to history than what you were spoon-fed as a child.... Or, apparently, not.

The shared article is worth reading. If the things you read in it come as a surprise, you should consider reading some history books that were not authorized by a public school board.

Be warned, you are in for some other shocks as well....

Spoiler Alert:

President Lincoln wasn't actually interested in freeing the slaves. He was about trying to strengthen the union. By the time he issued the emancipation proclamation, the Confederate states were already in revolt.

The founding Fathers were not all Christians. Some of them were, yes. And some of them were deists, pantheists, even at least one known Unitarian (and if you think Unitarian = Christian, try asking any Baptist or Catholic what they think of a Christian that doesn't believe Jesus = God [look up trinitarianism then look up Unitarianism].

Thanksgiving .... Ask pretty much any Native American what they think of thanksgiving and you're likely to get an earful, if they're willing to talk to you about it at all.

Speaking of American Natives, just about anything you were taught about the settlers and the pioneers and their dealings with the "Indians" was crap.

And why did the Europeans call them Indians when India is such a long way away? Because Columbus thought he had found his new route to India (Cathay, China Japan, the Indies). And you probably already knew that but did your history class spend any time on the genocide of the Tianos?

I have to make myself stop or you'll never get to move on to the article.

You're just lucky I am writing this on a tablet. If I had a real keyboard, I probably would have written a lot more and with citation links.

HTC Social Plugin  - Facebook 

It is a new update for my phone on Google Play.

Since I don't have the Facebook and I don't use the App, I'm looking for a way to stop this new update from bugging me about installing on my phone.

I also don't want to have to install the effing app first so I can set it to not notify me when updates are available and it isn't just because It wants a whole bunch of permissions, it is the principal of the t hing.  

I am already offended that I'm not able to disable the Facebook for HTC Sense app.  All I could do was turn off Show Notifications.

Pretty sad considering I COULD (and did) disable the baked in Facebook app itself.

The phone in question is an HTC One M8 from AT&T.

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I am SO liking this one.  

If I wasn't done raising kids, I'd start using it myself.  Hell, I may just modify it enough so I can.
The vaccination debate eloquently summarized.

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Gotta share.  This showed up in the email you tube spams me with now and then. 

I'm a big #pentatonix   fan.  Even managed to see them live when they came up for the state fair last fall.  So, when I saw #AviKaplan  had done a cover of #allaboutthatbass , I had to check it out.

It certainly made me laugh and I  hope you get a chuckle out of it as well.

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Added photos to #Darsana XM Anomaly: Satellite Site, Anchorage, AK, USA.

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Spent Halloween at Dave & Joy Lang's haunted house. They've been doing it so long that it has become quite the neighborhood event.

There I am in the beginnings of an NCR Ranger costume. (Think Fallout 3 New Vegas).

Most adults did get the post apocalyptic motif anyhow.

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They sell these by the case at Sams.

+Sean Crites 

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So very true.  I should get something like this for anything I drive.
Finally learning what this means:)

Prepare to be boarded!

Aarrrrr!  Tis ye olde tradition known as Talk like a pirate day.

Drive yer friends and family crazy with badly done pirate accents and sayings.

And if ye be Pastafarian, may this holy day be a good one for ya; filled with Pirates and Hookers.


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Easter egg!
Go to Youtube.
Start playing a video.
Pause that video.
Type "1980".
You're welcome. 
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