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It is fun to walk around the store and see the eclectic variety of items that Recreation Outlet offers. The staff are helpful and very knowledgeable about the products they sell, and they have a pretty good selection of stuff. Here is my gripe (and the reason for 3/5 stars): why should I shop at a store that offers REI-like prices on off-brand gear, when I could just go to REI and buy name-brand gear for about the same price (and get a yearly dividend)? It used to be that Recreation Outlet was the place to go for good deals, however, that is no longer the case. And if you are looking for name brand equipment, Recreation Outlet is just as expensive (if not more expensive) than the big box retailers. Do yourself a favor, wait for a sale at REI and get the equipment you need at much lower prices than what Recreation Outlet offers. Recreation Outlet is not cheap!
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Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
The salesperson was straight forward and didn't use any of the pressure tactics that I've seen at other dealerships. I wanted to trade in my Jeep, so the dealership's mechanic inspected my car (totally expected and fine). However, the dealer's mechanic found "several significant issues" including 4 bad brakes, leaky differentials, and a bad transfer case! The sales manager then gave me a ridiculously low offer (it was so low, I seriously laughed out loud) then proceeded to lecture me on the realities of automobile depreciation and why it wouldn't be a good idea to waste money on costly Jeep repairs. After the lecture ended, I left the dealership, frustrated that I had wasted so much time. I was quite concerned about the alleged disrepair of my Jeep, so I took it to my mechanic. And wouldn't you know it... Front brakes are fine. Rear brakes are worn but have a good year left. Both differentials have absolutely no leaks. And the transfer case is fine. However, my mechanic did replace some wheel bearings (which were kind of noisy). I paid 100 bucks for the repair and took my car to a different dealership where I got a full NADA trade-in value. Not cool Velocity. Not cool indeed.
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Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
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I highly recommend Rand's. I had a wonderful experience at this dealership. The salesperson, Al Barlow, was very helpful, honest, and up front about the car I purchased. In my auto search, I went to a dealership in Draper (V***city Auto) with similar selection of cars and noticed that every car of interest had been in an accident (thanks auto check!). Not so at Rand's! A great selection of clean autos. I will definitely go back when it is time to purchase again.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago