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Courtney Varner
[RandomEntity] Motionographer/Designer/Father/Husband/Anarchist
[RandomEntity] Motionographer/Designer/Father/Husband/Anarchist

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This is my internet plea for help My family will be homeless as of 11 AM PST. Our assistance that was paying for our motel room runs out today. We got approved for an apartment, but we still need the money for what Social Services won't cover before we can move in.
Due to my wife's child support being late for some reason I don't even have the gas to get her to her job this afternoon.
If there's anything you can help with, I would be very grateful, and will owe you. Message or email me if you can. went live this morning. More articles coming tomorrow! Really stoked about this relaunch.
Currently running shit from my iPhone since I'll have to wait to re-activate my internet for a few days. Thank the great old ones that the wordpress backend isn't flash.
If anyone is interested in contributing please contact me. 

Getting really excited about the Critical Table relaunch. Thursday as long as things go as planned so far!

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This makes me sick. 72 days? Really? 72 DAYS!? And yet some of my friends can't get married because since they're of the same sex as their partner who they've been with for years because it would ruin "the sanctity of marriage"? Seriously, if something like he's not playing his part in the "Kardashian brand" and where they want to live is enough to break up a marriage then you didn't start with much.
Then there's the 10 million dollars that was spent on that wedding, that could have went to do more important things, like I dunno, feed or provide homes for people.
I hate everything.

Hanging out with moms, talking mom stuff at a Halloween party. 

I seem to have picked up a million circlers in the past few days, will get around to sorting through you and circling you back, I promise.

All I want to do is play From Dust for the rest of my life.

Writing a script is hard.

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My Whitechapel circle has outgrown all of my other circles, it's kind of ridiculous.
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