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When MMA and all things Geek meet...
When MMA and all things Geek meet...

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Hi, everyone. I heard Rob C. talking about the Wilderlands while helping someone else with another project, and I am new to the community (Thanks, Rob!).

Where would you all recommend as the best Wilderlands product/location to start reading up on in preparation for running a 5e-based hexcrawl sandbox game with new characters (level 0 or 1) using this setting? Though I own some original JG content, I never had a chance to run it, so this is really my and my players' first exposure to the Wilderlands!

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Titanfall 2, Mass Effect Andromeda are likely to launch between Oct. 2016 and March 2017.

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Here's a sneak peek of D&D 5th Edition SRD in the Hero Lab for iPad app, releasing this Friday! Sign-up here to receive an email the moment it's available:

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+Patrick Burke Maybe there's more like this that would help you out?
I've been running the starter set adventure The Lost Mines of Phandelver for a few weeks now and it's been going great!

I used to be into tabletop miniatures (still am) but with 7 players it can be a bit unwieldy so we've never attempted it.

To compensate, I adapted the maps into webpages that are interactive. They can be viewed in any browser (modern, that is) that supports HTML5.

I've just put the first map up for "sale" thru The Dungeon Master's Guild. Here's the link:

There are tokens to represent each character and monster, plus a few familiars and NPCs.

It's priced at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want".

Please check it out. Use it if you like. And send me feedback if you would!

Are there any plans to allow all races, weapons, armor, etc. imported over from the world store that are from a a 1D6-based game to auto-scale to fit the game you are adding them to? Example: If I import a minotaur race that someone has setup for 1D6-based stats into my game which uses 4D6 based stats, it auto-converts it to 4D6 (same principle for other Things).
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