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Eloise Alice
Live wild, be free, do it compassionately.
Live wild, be free, do it compassionately.
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I lost the meaning of fashion blogging
Have you ever done something with little to no thought then later wondered why exactly you did it? Well, that's how I feel with this shoot. I suppose it really falls down to the fact that I was desperate to make as much content as I possibly could without a...

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Jane Austen Inspired Valentine's Day MakeUp Tutorial (CF)
Even though I was hesitant on sharing this post- my camera has officially gone!- I've quickly fallen in love with this look and felt it was begging to be shared. It's no secret I adore romantic fashion and that is, of course, naturally transferred to beauty...

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The perfect dress for a Valentines date
Your bedroom's a tip. Wardrobe doors swung open wide, clothes littering the floor to the point that no one can leave or enter and there's a weird smell coming from the garments you purchased five years ago and forgot you had. It must be that dreaded new-dat...

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Why a relaxing valentines day is just as special
I sometimes find it rather sad when I see so many people caught in the extravagance of things. It seems as though our self worth is often tied with how luxurious a date is or how expensive a present is. When did things get so shallow and superficial? I part...

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The prettiest Vegan bag!
  When I first went vegan and discovered the terrible truth of leather and that I, in fact, owned a bag made with cow skin. I instantly went on a huge hunt for a vegan bag. I didn't want to just get a faux bag but one that was ethically made and didn't invo...

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We make our own fairytales
How many of us are guilty of waiting for things to happen? Although I am known amongst those in my personal life, as the hard-working girl that goes after what she wants. I'm definitely guilty for playing the 'waiting game'. Sometimes, I feel as though fair...

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Female Empowerement: It starts with you!
The term female empowerment seems to get tossed around a lot these days. It's so overused that it can often loose it's true sense of meaning. Feminist stereotypes come into play resulting in confusion and, to a fair extent, ignorance on what it is activists...

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Bra-blems: How to solve your bra problems
To put it bluntly, I bloody hate wearing bras. My most joyous of days consists of not wearing a bra. I think it's down to my free-spirited nature that this hatred ensues. I despise feeling constricted and that's how I feel with these infernal things on. Lik...

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Reindeer Makeup Tutorial (CF)
Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to get into the seasonal spirit than dress up as a reindeer and prance around the streets? If you're reading this, thinking I'm utterly nuts then I have two points to make. One, yes, I established my i...

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Why I'm Vegan but still wear leather
I was one of those crazy people that practically went Vegan overnight.
well, I didn't have an immediate lifestyle change where I literally
becoming a Vegan in 24 hours but it was in an incredibly short time.
(no, I wasn't vegetarian before hand.) It was ...
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