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Parvez Halim
Family man, ambitious, technology and football fan
Family man, ambitious, technology and football fan

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Super! Trying it now!

Google Now saved me yesterday when I missed my stop on the tube. It works so well. 

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US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet

A slight irony is that I'm sharing this on Google+

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Everyone is saying that the Samsung smart watch is better than expected. Considering expectations were so low, I think I'll give it a miss. 

Wondering if I should start a blog on Google+

So to summarise Google I/O we got 
1. Updated Google Now
2. Updated Google Maps
3. Google Hangouts
4. Samsung Galaxy S4 with Stock Android
5. Google Education
6. Updated Google Chrome
7. Updated Google Plus
8. Google Play Music
9. Lots of new APIs and Google Studio
10. Google Play services

What we didn't get was new Nexus device although the stock Samsung Galaxy S4 is sort of the same thing and no Android 4.3.


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Far too many on Google+ should read this and then chill the fuck up 

I hate Google forcing 'hot right note' posts into my timeline. They're usually insufferable inspirational drivel.

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Little statue
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