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Freelance Content Writer / Copywriter

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Tis the season--tax season that is...

Believe it or not, it doesn't have to be excruciating!

In my latest post, I share some lessons learned that might help you and other solopreneurs and freelancers make it through this next month without too many bumps and bruises. :-)

#taxes #taxtime #freelancing #solopreneurtips

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Freelancers, your client mix can set you up to sink or swim financially.

Helpful points to consider in this post by +Lori Widmer.

What's your mix? I didn the math and I'm at about 61% regular; 22% occasional; and 17% filler. No magazine work (unless ghostwriting for clients). That distribution has worked well to keep my project schedule full. :-)

#freelancing   #selfemployed   #solopreneur  

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Doing this well can help ensure you get paid on time and projects will stay on track.

Important for all freelancers, project managers, and business owners!

h/t to +Laura Spencer for the helpful tips. :-)

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If people can't find your content in the first place, it won't keep them coming back for more.

Don't neglect these SEO basics...

#seo   #seotips  

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Sooo, I just received a Google Alert of this profile published on "WIP Katalog." I didn't initiate it. It seems somehow connected to my G+ profile. Does anyone know what it's all about? It seems like some sort of directory. ???

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share!

#wipkatalog #wth #mysterious

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A tank top in February? In Lancaster County, PA?

I could get used to this!

#byebyewinter #lovinit #fridayfeeling 

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It's never the wrong thing to do!

#kindness #benice #wecandothis

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Some food for thought, inspired by La La Land.

#whatif #LaLaLand #choices

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"No is a complete sentence."

I LOVE that!

If you have a tough time drawing the line and find you overextend yourself too often, you'll want to read this post by +Lisa Danforth​ about setting boundaries.

#smallbusiness #boundaries 

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Tired of clients ignoring your emails?

Maybe this super smart tip from +Rachel Strella​ of +Strella Social Media​ will help.

Simple yet brilliant!

#email #biztip

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