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Not as funny as I look.
Not as funny as I look.


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I'm pinning this post. This is the single most important thing going on in my world right now. This is a timeline of my interactions with the police leading up to this issue. As a preface, I'd like to clear up a few things before I blow this situation open. I am not perfect. I am not a boy scout. I am not straight laced. The amount of big boy balls that goes into what's about to be said, should not be lost on anyone here.

I fit the description of nearly everything that could be used to attack my credibility or disguise my innocence in this situation. I'm a registered sex offender with a history of mental illness and drug abuse, a long record of mischief, access to firearms and a documented problem with authority. A deeper explanation was posted here, for those who need more details:

So here we are. The timeline will be updated as best I can as the situation develops. This is me documenting an active situation and a live case of police overreach.

March, 2016: Raid #1 was conducted at my home. I was here. My dogs were still puppies. The police popped in while I was gaming, held me and my then girlfriend at gunpoint, questioned us about who was the subject. I didn't know him well at the time, so I let them know that. He was a friend of a friend, back then. I've since gotten to know him better, and he doesn't seem to be a bad guy, just another guy being fucked over by police harassment like me. He's had videos of traffic stops which turn into in depth searches. He's been targeted, and anyone near him seems to be targeted as well. He wasn't here at the time, and neither were any of his vehicles. The only items of interest belonged to another room mate. Marijuana paraphernalia. No one was charged. Several of the task force officers knew me. Conversation was friendly and peaceful. Man 1 through the door was Daniel Hundley. He is a good cop. He cleared a corner, around which he encountered me within spitting distance during initial breach. A great many other officers would have shot me. I'm glad he was the first man.

March 2017: Raid #2. I wasn't home. Hadn't been home in a while. My room mates and then girlfriend hadn't let my dogs out in some time and they'd made several messes in the house. Subject had been seeing a live in room mate at the time, and while he didn't live here, he was more of an associate to me than he had been the year prior. One of the officers pushed down a room mate, who refused to drop deck into a piss stained floor. I returned home to broken door hardware (Didn't push the issue. I'd been meaning to replace it, anyhow) and my dogs barking from the restroom. They confiscated two firearms. It was later revealed that one of them had been reported stolen by the person who sold it to me, and there's very little being done about that, despite that reporting a sold item as stolen should be treated as "obtaining property under false pretense." They also dragged my then girlfriend (same girl) out of our bedroom without clothing, laughed about it as the search was being conducted and cajoled people for information about my guns. NC is an open carry, no registry required state. The probable cause cited was a traffic stop of a friend after having left my home, and the paraphernalia from the year before. This warrant should never have been issued. The search didn't appear to be with the intent of finding drugs. They broke open many safes, ignored several boxes an other potential drug stashes and made the guns the primary subject of the raid. There were drugs on the premises. There was a medium amount of marijuana, personal use, and some "white powder residue" found on a room mate's dresser. They managed to drum up something like 9 charges across three room mates on this incident. I have every reason to believe the charges were overplayed as a means to cover the sketchy warrant.

The magistrate that set the bonds intentionally set the primary subjects bond to roughly 10 times the amount of money in his posession. There were items missing that were not part of the seized property list, including a guitar. They claim that the police didn't take it, and that it was likely stolen after the fact. That smells like bullshit, but whatever. The other items were negligible. A Harley Davidson pocketbook and about 30 Bic lighters.

Summer-Fall 2017: I cleaned up. I started making rapid fire changes in my life and lifestyle. I broke up with the girl. I removed the room mate amidst a bit of turmoil and I started focusing on building my character up a bit. Things were shifted around. Finances got tighter. Started a buy-low/sell-high gig appropriating electronics and vehicles to turn a bit of extra cash.

December 24th, 2017: Bought a Honda Rincon 680 for very cheap, was happy about the purchase. There was a middleman to the purchase as I didn't know the seller well.

December 26th, 2017: Vehicle was taken by the sheriff's department. The seller reported it stolen after the fact. I was cooperative with the authorities, but I declined to give the name of the middleman. The responding deputy was James Matthews. He's a clean cop. He did his job without bias.

The theft report cited that the vehicle was still at the shop from which it was purchased well after the photos I had taken of it in my driveway on the back of the vehicle belonging to the sketchy seller. Those photos were turned over as evidence and they were likely the only thing that kept me from being charged. I'm keeping communications with these investigators in hopes that the investigation will be handled as a legitimate sale/false police report. This was a financial hit I couldn't afford. My fiscal security spiraled.

Early January, 2018: My friend had some back and forth beef with a former room mate and another associate, after the latter two disappeared into a drug bender. The same friend being accused of selling drugs, trying to encourage people to stay away from drugs. Crazy, right? Well there was turmoil, and in the confusion several statements were written against him, he was tossed into jail, and quickly made bond. The arresting deputy is familiar but I didn't get his name. He's very cool with us, he allowed us ample time to bundle up before he took my friend in, handcuffed in front, willingly. He allowed me to follow behind in another vehicle to pay bond. The charges stated that he'd been threatening and vandalizing vehicles at the residence of the other associate. Unnecessary bullshit, but the kind police love.

January 11th, 2018. Raid #3. No one was home. Two doors were breached. Poorly. There were several small items broken along with the doors, and a 70'' LG flatscreen I'd been planning to re-sell. I posted images of the damaged items for reference later, here:

There was a warrant at the scene. I didn't see it at first, because it was laid among mail. The focal point of this search was clearly the guest room. It was implied that the initial subject was living in it by the warrant (He doesn't. He lives in another nearby neighborhood. The only personal items he has here were clothing and court documents. The guest room is filled with games, movies, televisions, piles of spare hygiene supplies and snacks, because I use it to ENTERTAIN GUESTS WHO OCCASIONALLY SPEND THE NIGHT. There is a dresser in the guest room, containing clothing items of several different people and some unclaimed items. In the guest room they found four painkillers and a medication for opiate withdrawals, left by a guest. They charged the same guy with these items, despite him not being on the scene. It was released to a local online news site, including several statements about my home that could be deemed as slanderous, considering there's never been any substantial proof of drug trafficking at my home.

They state, and have stated that they have made several arrests for crack, on people after them leaving my home. They've never found, charged or convicted anyone on the premises for crack cocaine, nor will they. Nearly every time this happens, they make a big to-do of any minor thing they can spin as paraphernalia. Last time they made an issue out of Ziplock bags in the kitchen and blunt wraps. This time, they did not. There were both in the home. I used to be a big ganja smoker, and a few of my friends still are. Yes, I'm aware this isn't legal activity, but it still doesn't constitute the level of force being used to conduct high profile trafficking raids which keep turning up peanuts.

I begin seeking advice, and continue to post updates to protect myself from further fuckery.

January 13th, 2018: The third party from the vehicle issues showed up at my house late in the evening. He was carrying a weapon, I could identify as a Mossburg 88 or 500 model shotgun, five shot, camo print, no stock, ambidextrous black safety. He seemed extremely nervous, potentially jumpy, claiming that he wanted to payback the friend/subject, by damaging his vehicle with it. I work on these cars, myself. I talked him down. Reminded him of how dangerous it would be to open fire on something in my yard, told him to leave before he got himself hurt. He left without a fuss. I didn't think much of it.

January 15th, 2018. Owner of the vehicle comes in. Apparently the girl who filed the initial papers contacted him. The third party told her that he'd vandalized one of the vehicles here, PRIOR to interacting with me, and she put two and two together. She's expressed interest in dropping the charges, and says we need to check the cars for damage. One of them appears to have had several TV monitors inside broken, some paint and body damage, et cetera. We file a report with insurance, follow up with a police report.

Responding deputy is Roy Ball. He doesn't seem very sold on the account we give him, despite that I direct him to a third witness who was told about the damages, and that I could describe the weapon. He makes comments regarding the nature of "filing false police reports" and it seems to be implied that he thinks one of us has damaged the vehicles. He's associated with the other case, and so I attempt to ask questions and I'm brushed off. I'll be surprised if this report is taken seriously. He seems more interested in why I didn't call the police on Saturday.

Why would I? They seem to have it in for me, and obviously won't do anything to help. We are dealing with insurance on the matter.

January 16th, 2018: I've decided to go public with the matter following interactions with the investigators on the raid case. They were dismissive with me, and tried several times to shut my request for action down by using false info (warrants are proof of illegal activity, et cetera) and refuse to cooperate with the grievance about my doors. One of my dogs can no longer be secured inside, because my doors are broken. I have no way of closing them. It's fucking cold outside, and I'm a disabled, poverty bracket citizen without any mode of telecommunication. I can't contact lawyers, repairmen, transportation... nothing. I'm being told that it's "Not their problem" because rather than treating it as an issue they choose to keep repeating that I need to throw out a person who doesn't live here anyway, and stop "selling drugs" that they haven't found in three no-knock raids. I get irate with him. Probably shouldn't have, but fuck that guy. Whether or not they believe they're justified doesn't make them judge and jury and I want my fucking property replaced. I want them to leave me alone, and I want to be able to have safety and privacy in my own home.

I'm not going to achieve those ends by way of laying down beneath the boot of these assholes, though. They're not going to force me into complicity and make me give up my rights. I'm going to fight it.

Later in the day, I get a visit from another deputy on an unrelated incident. I guess since I mentioned an LG flatscreen that they broke, they're hoping for a break. Responding was Travis Clark. Very calm, very collected. Asked me if I bought a TV from a guy I don't associate with. I didn't. Apparently a 70" LG was stolen from the fire station nearby and he wants to check the serial on mine. They aren't a match. While he's inside, he hears me out on what's been going on, and seems to be the only reasonable person I've talked to in quite some time, on the matter. He's also close to the investigation about the Honda, and I tell him what I can to hopefully aid in a favorable outcome in that regard.

I'm still fucked, I still have no phone, it's still very far behind and damaged, can't be checked out with insurance until I'm back up to date. I'm still looking for help and I'm hoping to take this whole story public in a big enough way that someone will come forward and get behind it. I'm pushing for change that we all know is needed, and I feel very alone. The risks I'm taking here are huge and it's nerve racking. If anyone can help me with exposure, help me publicize this to the media, or aid me in putting a fund up to achieve both ends, please do so. I don't know if I'm even safe, once I put this info out, but I'm not laying down for state sanctioned bullies. That's not how I roll.
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Uh. Uh. Yeah.
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Images relevant to part of my case. Description inbound.

EDIT: Okay, this room is my guest room. A large part of the case being built upon this raid relies heavily on the notion that my friend "Lives in, and sells drugs out of" this room.

A bit about my lifestyle. I never grew out of my partying. My guest room was built up around the notion that sometimes people stay here that didn't intend to, when they showed up. People pass out drunk in this room. People come over for a few hours and spend a week end in this room. Girls come over and don't have a place to stay, or stuff to shower with and end up in this room. The implication is that this room belongs to my associate because he had court documents in it.

Here's what else was in this room: This is a room meant to entertain guests and overnighters. There are movies, dartboards cards, and televisions in here. There are videogames. There are piles of snacks and towels. There are bulk buy packs of soap, toilet tissue, laundry detergent, deodorant, and hair products for men and women. There are hair products for both white and black hair textures. There are spare clothing and pajamas for both male and female, large and small individuals. There are tons of towels. The poster is mine. Apparently MY favorite movie poster is in a room belonging to someone else. One of my pool cues is in here. My vape is in here. Some of my automotive supplies are in here (I'm the mechanic of the group) some of my hats are here. There's a sofa in this room and batteries for controllers and remotes. There are bluetooth speakers and chargers for different kinds of phones in here. There's a smart TV linked to my youtube channel in here. There's brooms and cleaning supplies in here. I also have part of the room tied up in storage for some of the items I'm selling here.

The police seem t rely heavily on the notion that heavy traffic, and the fact that some of the traffic is comprised of dodgy, potentially drug addicted people is probable cause to assume that I'm selling drugs large scale.

Now, what I do for extra cash? I buy items like TVs, Game consoles, Vapes, and phones. Sell them for a profit.

Do you know what goes with the territory there? Occasionally you get a really good deal on something that turns out to be hot. I've turned in tablets and phones before, after discovering they were hot. I've had sellers try to back out and report items stolen to get them back. I've had items that don't work well come through.

And do you know who sells super cheap valuables like this, quite a bit? Drug addicts. I don't give a flying fuck what you do in your free time if you're selling me a flatscreen TV for 40 dollars.

So apparently the fact that I have a guest room, the fact that I have traffic, and some of those people have been pulled over with drugs (since apparently they sit around and stop people leaving my house quite a bit) and the fact that I had a guy's court documents (for which they executed a dodgy raid last year) in the guest room is their case to say that I've got a person living here, running a large scale drug operation.

..not as though we live in a drug infested area. Not as though 8 of the next 10 cars that drives by my driveway will probably have drugs in them.

and, despite the fact that this room quite obviously looks like a partyboy B&B with blunt wraps and booze in it.

Despite the fact that said person receives mail at his own home, elsewhere.

Despite the fact that in three raids, they've found zero evidence of the particular drug they keep claiming to find on the visitors they harass.

Despite the fact that they've run drug sniffing dogs through this house on several occasions and never found anything more large scale than my personal stash of ganja.

..which, by the way, was really dank shit and I'm a little pissed off about losing.

Anyway, I'm documenting the ambiguous nature of the room they're talking about, so it can be referenced later.
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Hug life.
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Some taco pictures for everyone. The ones with cheese aren't my usual. It's monterey and serrano peppers. They weren't bad that way.
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Taco cooking mothafucking music bomb, BB.
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On a lighter note my mexican friend called his family over to me in the grecery store and told them to look what I had in my cart and now his mom wants me to cook with her.

Also it's snowing in NC again so everyone's riding around with their emergency flashers on, like fucking idiots amd making it hard to see who's turning and who's just going retard slow.
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Here it is. This is the GoFundMe account, created by a family member. This is the one where all the info will be compiled. This is the place where updates will be stored, and documents will be... you know... documented. If anyone wants to put this out there, please do. You'll be doing me a huge favor.
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