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Not as funny as I look.
Not as funny as I look.

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That's adrenaline porn for that ass.
What it must feel like to be able to gas it that hard, the front wheel lofting above the ground flat out fourth gear... so crazy, so cool...#IOMTT

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I really like this. I feel as though there could be a hidden meaning to it, given the subject matter, medium, et cetera.

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Mood: I fucking love this track.

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This shit makes us sound pretty awesome.

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That awkward shit someone calls me ugly because I said something online to rile them up and someone else comes in and says I'm handsome.

..also, that shit can be lowkey annoying. Let me look homeless in peace, TF.
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My friend +Sally​ just very eloquently expressed my thoughts, as I've undertaken a lot of new changes in my life. It's looking up. 
The older I get, the more I appreciate substance.

The more substance I appreciate, the less appealing all the ice cream becomes.
You can save the cake.
I want the meat;
ALL the spicy mustard....

Fasting on Mondays these last few weeks has been an interesting experience.
There is a mental discipline involved in examining the ridiculous thick emotive projections that float to the surface so handily when the distraction of constant food and mouth pleasure is removed.

I have been finding things, so deeply buried, I was unwilling to admit them to myself.
I have found the mental fortitude and flexibility to suspend projecting the past onto the people things and circumstances of my present life.
Becoming more aware of my own shit, like the tendency to overthink, creating unreal scenarios and reacting to them as if they were real...creating whole hosts of problems that would otherwise not exist.
We think of discipline as a dirty word, like a punitive thing, when the reality is that discipline frees us from stagnation and propels us forward naturally, without the expenditure of any effort.

I suppose that this is in some way a description of the notion that in order to be a victim requires that one be complicit.
Perspective is everything.

I'm very interested in extending this commitment to effortlessness to all aspects of my life.
You don't TRY to have is or it isn't.
You don't TRY to improve yourself... You do or don't.
You don't TRY to have a good either works or it doesn't.
The projection, constantly, that things ought to somehow be different than they are is the root of so much self created suffering. It is amazing how easy it is to drop, once seen exposed for what it really is.

Rumblings of those former lives get quieter every time they are called out on their BS.

It is what it is.
You are what you are.
You are love.
There is nothing to find.

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May or may not take a breather from ploos for a few days. I have some stuff going on, and it's unclear whether or not I'll want to post much. Pic unrelated, but Finn's handsome as shit.

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That's a hole. It's the first in a string of steps in a process. This is often what progress looks like; ugly, dismal, dreary.

I ended a LTR recently, moved that person into the spare room, and gave them the opportunity to pursue their own goals. It's a financial hit I will take, by not having this person around, and yes, it hurt.

But, when you aren't compatible, you aren't. There's a maturity gap, an interest gap, and there generally doesn't feel like there's a mutual best interest focus. It's not supportive, but dramatic. This is what it looks like when you cut out an unhealthy habit that's hurting you. Over time, I'll clean it up, and I won't have a big ass box of cereal in my refrigerator taking up space. I won't have to have a debate with someone about what kind of tea I want to make. They tend to think Mike Lawry gon' be a'ight. So it goes.

The point to all of this is to be motivational. Everyone on earth has their own complex string of bullshit to deal with, and we all have things in our life we need to do, but put off because we know it will be hard, know it will be messy. This is a thing. Don't let it deter you and go for it. Quit smoking. Get in shape. Buy that stuff you need to start a business you've been talking about. Get back into that uh... novel you've been working on. Novel you've been working on for three years? Get on it.

This is where I'm at right now. Putting one foot. In front. Of the other. I hope everyone else is out there doing that thing you keep telling yourself really has to happen.

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