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Melissa Pepper
Works at Tammadge Market Research, Austin's innovative qualitative research center, member of the MRA board of directors, smallanthropist, lover of fun.
Attended Stephens College
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Melissa Pepper

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On the shores of Ladybird Lake, ATX.
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Melissa Pepper

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First time ever that I've gotten a second round of blooms from an orchid. It took 19 months.
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Melissa Pepper

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Melissa Pepper

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#AustinPhotowalk2013, it started here at #atx City Hall.
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Melissa Pepper

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TEDx Austin is in the rear view again. A day filled with inspiring stories to keep us lifted up for months to come.
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Melissa Pepper

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There's always discussion among market researchers as to the value of industry associations. I don't know of a Linked In or other group that pays the salary of a lobbyist and a privacy attorney to represent and educate us. Are there any? It's a reason to support our associations by becoming members and/or attending association-sponsored conferences.
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Thanks, Melissa!
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Melissa Pepper

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I believe that there are still spaces left for the Insights & Strategies Conference and the speaker line-up is pretty remarkable. See you there?
Real progress happens when you have the time to listen to the full story well told and can reflect on how you might deploy the insights and strategies that the best and brightest researchers are using to their greatest success. That’s how MRA’s new Insights & Strategies Conference was conceived.
What's the most efficient and cost-effective way for you to stay ahead of all the radical changes altering the marketing research profession? Well, that's easy. Learn as the best and brightest share the latest MR insights and strategies. Network with trusted and future partners.
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Melissa Pepper

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First batch of tomato photos, 2013.
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Melissa Pepper

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Mobile HOA Broadcast Rig used by +Ronnie Bincer at SXSW 2013

I was able to stick my Razr Mobile Phone (Android powered) into this rig I made while at SXSW this year and broadcast 18 Live Hangouts on Air #LiveOnTheStreets  - many have asked me to share the details about the hardware & methods I used so here we go.

If there is demand for it, I may do a HOA debrief and answer questions not covered here... let me know if there is interest in the comments.

Method used:
I set up G+ Events for each day I planned on broadcasting and had the HOAs of that day added to the Description text. The most recent HOA was added to the Event's YouTube URL field so it showed in the drop-down video area when visiting the Event.

As a Mobile Phone currently can not initiate a HOA, I had a friend start each HOA session from a desktop browser in Colorado. SXSW was taking place in Austin, Texas. I would call my friend on my cell phone, let him know that I wanted to do another session, give him a Title for the HOA and then wait to be invited to the HOA filmstrip.

My friend would add the needed details to the Event and invite me various ways to the HOA. Once I joined in, I would chat with him using my Microphone and Speaker re. any last minute details before going live.

My friend would start the broadcast, and give me a verbal countdown... at zero in the countdown he would use the cameraman option to visually hide himself so I was the only 'camera' which made the video go 'full screen'.

Equipment used:
Phone Mount: iTrek Super Mount F
Monopod: iStabilizer Monopod
Splitter: XLR Jack to Mobile Phone
Portable Speaker: iFrogz Boost 
USB/XLR Microphone: Audio-Technica ATR2100
Portable USB Charger: (not shown) Zagg SPARQ

There is plenty more of the 'story' to tell, but I'll need to cut it short (this is short, you say?) I learned a lot and can share that with my clients and also you if there are enough requests for a 'Debrief HOA'.

I went to Austin to do these HOA shows and to speak at a Food Blogger Conference called #TECHmunch where I also did 11 more HOA interviews with speakers and attendees.

Here is the list of the Events, if you want to check out the HOA videos:
SXSW Day 0: (mainly a sound/equip. check day)
SXSW Day 1: (getting used to the rain and the equip.)
SXSW Day 2: (busiest tech centered day)
SXSW Day 3: did interviews from #TECHmunch here:
SXSW Day 4: (started using party mode to add pics)
SXSW Day 5: (last day I filmed)

Special thanks to +Brad Newman who held the rig so I could stand in front of it and monologue or interview others more easily. That also allowed me to use the 'better' camera on the phone for better quality. He also helped assemble the rig from all the parts I had brought. Thanks to +Dan McDermott who helped me order the parts I ended up using as my first set of parts I ordered did not get the job done.

Thanks to all of you that interacted with my live videos and encouraged me to continue... it really does help when you know that people are actually watching and enjoying what you are broadcasting!

Thanks to Google for making such a cool way to "Go Live" from almost anywhere in the world... This Hangout stuff is Awesome!
- - - 
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #SXSW2013   #LiveOnTheStreets   #GooglePlusTips   #YouTubeTips   #MobileBroadcasting  
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Melissa Pepper

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My first photo walk - #AustinPhotowalk2013 - and I'm hooked. Hundreds of great, nice, helpful photographers scouring downtown #atx for photographic moments.
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Melissa Pepper

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Another #atx apartment goes up, this one outside my office window. Austin, TX growing pains.
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Day-2-day innovator, photographer, home chef, market researcher, optimist
  • Stephens College
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CSO at Austin's innovative qualitative research center, member of the MRA board of directors, smallanthropist, lover of fun.
  • Tammadge Market Research, Austin's innovative qualitative research center, member of the MRA board of directors, smallanthropist, lover of fun.
    CSO, present
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