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Banai Feldstein
Genealogy Detective, UJGS President, Blogger, Musician, Sci-fi Geek, Web Developer, Homeowner
Genealogy Detective, UJGS President, Blogger, Musician, Sci-fi Geek, Web Developer, Homeowner

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For a brief moment, I am caught up. Basically. I just have the most recent episode to write up. I probably won't get that done before the next one airs.

The Nitpicker's Guide to WDYTYA Angie Harmon

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I'm running behind already, but here's another Nitpicker's Guide to WDYTYA - Josh Groban

Maybe I should use g+ more responsibly. Instead of keeping it open all the time like I was doing, and getting annoyed when google voice drives me mad, I could just visit periodically instead of abandoning it...

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I'm back!

I was going to get back to blogging with a post I wrote a few days ago, but alas, this one goes first.

Did you know that no one was born in the three years preceding the 1891 England and Wales census? Me neither.

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1940 Census, James and Frances, daughters Susan and Margaret, in Oregon. Matches Frances and Susan. Well, a little off on the birth year for Susan.

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I finally finished my blogging about #iajgs2013. Last entry:

Now begins the work for 2013. Well, now continues the work. #genealogy

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Thanks Lorine. I didn't mean to imply that the official bloggers weren't busy doing things, just that there wasn't much evidence of it on a few of their blogs. I meant for the article to be critical of RootsTech's choices of official bloggers, without angering the other bloggers, especially with all those additional locals who apparently didn't even attend.

As for your suggestion, I have tried to get FamilySearch to recognize me, but they don't. I inferred that I would be asked in 2012 but wasn't, then when they asked for more ethnic bloggers that year, they didn't even respond to me; not even with a negative. This year, someone else at FS put my name in to be on the list and it still didn't make it.

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My two cents.

So, one person gets fed up with a conversation on the APG mailing list and now everyone is fed up with it suddenly too? I've been fed up with the mailing list for years.

This is not the problem:

The real problem with the APG mailing list is not the constant conversations about professionalism. It's the lack of professionalism in the conversations.

When I am reading a digest email, I do not want to read the previous digest, and the entire history of the conversation. Every person who responds to these threads quotes back the entirety of the thread that came before it. Whole messages are quoted back needlessly, sometimes ending up in the quote multiple times, clogging up the conversation, so that if there is a message that I might want to read, I won't read it because I can't find it among all the flotsam.

How do so-called professional researchers who use the Internet have absolutely no clue how to use the Internet correctly?

Rant over. Oy vey. Way to start off the day. What's for breakfast?

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And the RootsTech blog posts begin. The conference starts tomorrow. Well, technically today.

Well, that's it. I hit my 50k for #NaNoWriMo .

Dropbox had never let me down before, but I was working on an Android today, and when I got home, I had 500 fewer words. It hadn't uploaded my latest update and then it downloaded a different version instead of reopening the latest "local" version. Dropbox used to inform me when the uploads failed, but it failed to do inform me of its failure this time.

Ugh. I was so mad, I just pounded out over 2k words.

But I'm thrilled to be finished now.
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