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Thank you for that #blackfriday   #sale   #amazon  
That 10 cents.
Now if I can man up and find 9 other places with 10c discounts, I have a full dollar.

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Vivian drawing a snowflake at Tim Horton's

I hate booking hotels when you're picking the place and they show the price as $100/night.
Then when you're about to confirm your booking, there's a small fine print there saying that they'll charge you $50 resort fee per night. WTF is that bullshit. Why don't they just show the real price of the place as $150/night. Fucking assholes. Someone needs to do a Matrix Lobby Scene on their asses.


So it's election time where I'm from. For once in my lifetime, I would like to vote for a candidate because I believe he or she will do good instead of voting for a candidate because he or she will be the least detrimental to society.

Why do I have to vote for a person/party? Why can I not vote for a proposed solution to an issue?

Candidate 1 has a great idea for issue A but has a terrible idea for issue B. Candidate 2 has a terrible idea for issue A but has a great idea for issue B. So who am I voting for? Candidates 3 because while not very good, it's also not terrible on both issues. So while we could have the best of both worlds with candidates 1&2, I'm stuck with the mediocrity of candidate 3.

Representative democracy is a sham. A majority government means the person is a despot for 4 years. At least with a despot, projects won't be canceled after 4 years.

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I hope this douchebag's car gets vandalized.

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Yay #Amazon.
Ordered my #chromecast yesterday and went for the free shipping super saver.
According to the tracking number, it's already been delivered. Yay free overnight shipping!

So +UPS allowed my neighbor to sign for my package....
I wonder if they would have let anyone on the street to sign for it.

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Forgot to get Chow King halo halo before leaving the country... :-(
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