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Swift Justice
From the toughest courtroom in America...
From the toughest courtroom in America...

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On Tuesday - A woman in Los Angeles, CA who unloads some luxury wheels to her child’s father says she got just one payment, and seeks almost $5000. He says she changed the terms on him.

On Monday - When her husband’s exgirlfriend leased her house in Gary, IN and failed to pay rent, a woman had to listen to the excuse that her husband used the place like his home away from home and told his ex not to worry about paying.

A father paid for some cars, then put them in his son's name. Did the father have the right to sell the vehicles? Tune in to Swift Justice with Jackie Glass on Monday to hear her decision.

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On Friday - When her dog got into a fight with a neighbor's Jack Russell Terrier, a woman from St. Peters, MO defends it never would have happened if her neighbor's dog had been leashed.

On the next Swift Justice with Jackie Glass, a dog fight between neighbor's dogs leads to vet bills. But who has to pay?

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Check out what Judge Jackie Glass said after she ruled on the case today.

On Thursday - A woman from Norfolk, VA's car goes up in flames along with her relationship with a landlord she accuses of neglect.

Is mold a legitimate reason to not pay rent? Tune in to the next Swift Justice with Jackie Glass to hear both sides of the argument.

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