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Alex Lim
Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. And dance like no one is watching.
Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. And dance like no one is watching.

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Here's an idea, allow the option to open from top/bottom based on where you swipe it from. For example swipe from top, open from top and swipe from the bottom, open from bottom. Or vice versa, better yet have it as separate shortcuts! This might be an interim solution for other suggestions here who requested for multiple drawers.

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Launching Apps on the persistent notification.

Okay since I can't hide the persistent notification (keeps on getting killed on my phone for some reason) I have other apps that's don't have this issue.
Why not make it more useful by having the options to launch apps from it. Same config options (most used, recent,....) Just like: 

Quick Swipes visual cue.

I love the quick swipes, allows me to access not often use app quickly.
But since I don't use as often, I tend to forget what's there and in which order.
Can you add an option to show quick swipes visual cue, kinda like half icon off to the edge of the screen and translucent maybe?
Or in the middle of swiping show all, but the current one is bigger than the other, kinda like mac dock. The in the middle of swiping, before letting go, user can swipe up and down to re-select different app from the quick swipe.

Here's a crazy idea... press home button to launch App Swap :O

Right now I have Nova as my default launcher and I set the home button in Nova to launch App Swap.

What if we do the reverse? Set default launcher to App Swap so everytime you press home, you launch Apps Swap. And when it's already open, pressing home again takes you to your Launcher of choice...

Edge swipe, persistent notification disappeared.

Anyone else having this issue, it usually follows a memory hogging app (RedditSync, Tumblr, etc...)
I Edge Swipe and nothing. The persistent notification also disappears.

I'm using Galaxy S6 and disabled the App optimization.
And sometimes, going to Nova Launcher, it's redrawing the widgets.

Android OS issue? Is there anywhere to specify do not kill app?

Note: I have another edge swipe app "Simple Control" that never dies.

Update: "Simple Control" has a requirement
-> Setting
-> Accessibility
-> Simple Control [ON]
Maybe that setting prevent it from getting killed? I also have LastPass ON.
I'm not an Android Developer, so I'm just throwing assumptions/ideas.

Pull up instead of pull down to reveal keyboard when "Reverse app list" is enabled.

Just what I was looking for, paid to support this app right away!
And I love the "Reverse app list", but I need to scroll all the way up to the list and pull down to open up the keyboard to search. Doesn't it make more sense to pull up to show the keyboard when "Reverse app list" is enabled? Or give the option for it?
Especially useful when enabling "No action bar launch" to keep it nice and clean then pull up to reveal the keyboard and the action bar.

AutoLaunch only when it's plugged in option? So I have AutoLaunch setup to when it's connected to bluetooth. And when drivemode is on, it's always on. So when I don't put it on my cradle and plugged in. It's in my pocket warming up and draining my battery. Anyways to launch only when it's plugged in?

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I've been having issues with logging into Samsung account. I didn't care much from it but now there will be stock themes and apps I can only get from the Samsung Store. I contacted Samsung support, they tried to disable and re-enabled, I cleared cache partition. I still can't log-in. I can log into it through Chrome and change password. Anyone been though this problem?

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Great value!
Love the price of Google/Motorola's products!

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Don't I feel like it...
Everyone knows that business calls us 'resources', but have you ever had someone call you a resource in front of your face? Or maybe in an email? This really doesn't sit well with me. I'm a person not a resource. It feels a tad bit disrespectful and dismissive. How do you guys feel about it?
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