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Paper airplanes belonging to the category Gliders are designed and built to be in the air a long time and fly slowly. If a glider is well designed, when it is released in an appropriate place, seldom reaches the earth without touching hit something first. :-)

There are two types of planners: “high-fly” and “low-fly”. Most paper gliders in this web are “low-fly”. They can fly very well even with a very soft launch. The ideal for the launch of these gliders technique is pushing, that is not throwing as hard. The general rule is to launch at the same angle and speed as if flying embers

Planeurs-Avion-en-papierGliders “High-fly” by contrast, are launched vertically upward with great force, as if they were a rocket: Because of its initial speed the glider gains altitude quickly and then begin to decline slowly until landfall

Most gliders paper described in this section are the glider type “low-flying” fixed wing. Like the flight of birds with outstretched wings. They are designed to maintain the fixed wings without rocking. Additionally, you can add small wings to help them fly and make truly amazing aerobatics. Oragami Paper Airplane.
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