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Joseph Philip Walters

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True Blue
They called her Melancholy Molly. She was shy to a fault, a bit sad and assured that her malaise  would last for days and days. Happy was a state she never visited, she never left her apartment. That's no lie! She was truly melancholy! (c) JPW - 2014

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Fine strokes, evoking beauty upon life's canvas. The Grand Master painting with steady hand "scapes" of forest trees or sand on teeming seas. Each dip into the palette He chooses will not lose its vibrancy or vitality. Scenes of greens and golds and untold ...

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Wither Goest Poet
My words fall silent, hell bent on keeping my tongue. Yet I belong to the world of words and temperament, never meant to be a face in the crowd. I was meant to rhyme out loud, proud of the fact that I can extract emotion like a love potion. Dripping with si...

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I Know It Was You, Fredo!
You broke my heart, as brothers sometimes do, and look at you, you're pathetic. A simpering, whimpering Don Juan-a-be. Bimbos and markers, donkey shows and Johnny Ola have taken their toll. I had control of the five families and there our similarities took ...

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Picture Albom
So, I love his sentimentality, it's a reality with which I deal daily. Many losses and defections, derelictions and deflection bring some regrets. But you can bet the pitch that Mitch proffers, offers some food for hungry thought. I ought to grip bootstraps...

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Having Direction
The walk of life. A rocky road full  of potholes and pitfalls causing stumbles and pratfalls. Your destination is clear. You can't see it from here, but at the end of that road lies the end of the road. Did you love? Fully; unconditionally? There is no pric...

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There's Always an Ass on the Road
It never fails. You’re riding on rails sailing down the road in a trail of dust that you must be breaking the sound barrier - a miles harrier. Then you see it. Could it be what you’re thinking? Your eyes start blinking and it sinks in. There’s an ass on the...

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Storm Front Warning
He never saw it. Coming over the hill the storm was wreaking havoc.  Visibility diminished. Before it was finished it left destruction in its wake. That was all he could make. That was all. He could make it leave destruction in its wake before it was finish...

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He Said. She Said
He said, “Good
Morning! A lovely day isn’t it?” She said nothing and smiled. He said, “ I
hope you’re feeling better today!” She said, “I’d be doing much better if
you’d stop talking to me!” He said “Fine!”
and walked away Days passed, sight unseen and it h...

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