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The most important photograph you'll see all week.
Doesn't seem like a really important photograph? Kind of disappointing? But it is an important picture. Because it illustrates two really cool things that you can do today .  The first thing you can do is to pray . Look at the jar that I'm holding. Every ti...

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Some of the great guys I got to work with this year...
Job (yellow shirt), with children from 7W. Solomon, in a min (hut).   Chulayo leaving his house. Abel, outside his house. Lowa (front right), at an end-of-term party.

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A kaleidoscope of colour and smiles.
Just thought you might like to see some of the people I've been spending time with in the last seven days...  Mr Letipo (Headteacher) with his growing family. Film afternoon for Class 7 There's nothing quite like being an individual I was there too!!

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 Did I mention that I teach some great children? Below are the two classes who I have been working with: Seven East and Seven West. Class 7E with Mr John. Girls from Class 7W Lads from 7W: Jamal diving in.  Lads from 7W: Galah Lito and John

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The Speech
The Speech Imagine you are about to sit the biggest exams of your life. Y ou need to calm your mind, but you can't.  You are so incredibly nervous.  Now imagine that one of your classmates stands up and gives a speech... This week, that's exactly what Chula...

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You know the next time you complain that it's a bit squashed with three sitting in the back of the car? Check this picture out... Off to church The AIC church in Korr is thriving. Recently, I accompanied about a hundred youth, on the back of this truck, as ...

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Snow in the desert
Not been there.  Not seen it on TV (I don't have one).  Never even heard of it.  When you are teaching children who live in the desert who have no television, few opportunities to travel, and almost no access to the library of photographs we see throughout ...

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regret, this is a follow up to my last post. What
happened to the boy in question? On
the last day of September we buried Lopir Kiambati. His grave may be
unmarked and a simple pile of stones, but I'll never forget him. The
second teenager to be lost t...

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Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die
You hear stories of places where there is no doctor. I used to imagine places where huts cling to the edge of a volcano and yes, there's no doctor. Why would there be? Only a few people. Insanely remote.  But what about Korr?  There are a few thousand peopl...

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Manchester United 4 QPR 0 (final score)
wise man once said: “ If
you don't like the way the world is turning out, then there's no
point shouting at the TV. Try this instead:  Go and live in a major city and
start to exercise some kind of positive influence. Cities are culture
factories. Culture...
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