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Dear Clutch,

Why can't I part out certain sets with Brickstore (e.g. 10241 has the part out option grayed out) and how do you handle parting out such a set?

Rachael Younger

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We just spend several days in this complex, in mid December. Due to being the 'off season', the beach access wasn't available since they were rebuilding the beach. But that meant we got to watch bulldozers, dump trucks and a back hoe do their thing, which helped keep the 3 year old, the two 37 year olds, and the two 60-something youngs very entertained. If you are going in the off season, it is worth calling up and asking what kind of maintenance is going on. They were also starting work to replace all the railing for all the unit balconies. Up sides: right on the beach. nice sized pool, and the two hot tubs (one adults only) and one kiddie pool. The two pools are heated, which made swimming in December possible most days. The unit was decently stocked with pretty much all we needed. No child-friendly cups, though, all was glass and ceramic, which meant a run to get some simple take-and-toss cups. There were plenty of towels, the sheets were clean, the floor was clean. There were plenty of drawers if we had wanted to really unpack. Our unit had a nice window seat that looked out over the beach. There are some picnic tables and grassy area that made good play space. down sides: many units don't have wifi. The unit upkeep was a little shabby: the door knob to the balcony didn't work, so the door didn't latch (not nice with a 3 year old on the 4th story!), many blinds had broken strings, lots of lightbulbs burnt out. There are restrictions about who can do what which don't really make sense, or are overly restrictive: no one under age 8 in the hot tub (the one that is for all ages, not just adults), don't park in certain spots, don't drive that way, don't hang anything off the balcony railings (even though there just aren't enough hooks and bars to hand all the towels and swimsuits to dry!) Maybe it was because there were so few people there, it felt like the security guard was working hard to watch our every move (he might not have been, really, just felt like that at times). There are 4 grills available, but they are charcoal only and rather rusty. The lights on the walkway side of the unit (into the complex) are way bright and that bedroom was bright all night. Beach side, it was fine, though there is a huge flood light shining on the beach. Conclusion: b/c the beach wasn't an option, we did a lot more swimming, but because our little boy couldn't get in the hot tub, the swimming was in short spurts (yes, he had a wet suit, but it was in the 60s). The pool and kiddie pool were heated, which helped, but he had been allowed to dip in the hot tub for short spurts, we could have swam for longer. Really, without the beach, that's all the complex has to offer. With no wifi in the unit, we won't likely ever go back. (apparently some units have wifi, some don't. but the website doesn't give much more information than this.)
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Doug was out to repair our AC unit today. If he'd said we needed something expensive done, we probably would not have known better, yet he replaced a cheap part and our AC was up and running again. We got honest, quick and courteous service from Air Care.
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Hubby had a good experience, and I needed a cleaning so I made an appointment. The staff were nice and polite, called me to confirm, and were great when I had to go back for a few fillings (that was my fault). Yes, I plan to go back when I need another cleaning!
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