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Kat V
Artist, Photographer, Quilter, Writer
Artist, Photographer, Quilter, Writer

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Newest art blog entry 

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This is mynew art blog, which i hope to post progress daily! I also want to turn dome of my photograohy into paintings and drawings. Bear in mind Im not trained but just trying to find a way to wxpress myself!

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I love living here! Notice the goat OUTSIDE the gate. Happens daily!
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Please vote for me and others you may like!

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A bleary, rainy day in Appalachia. I had hoped the mountains would have shown up more clearly :( 
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2013/07/22 #2
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This is a blog i discovered after enjoying her Instagram gallery

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Please join in!
I am honored to have been chosen to host Instagram's @VirtualInstawalk's 17th Instawalk #VIW17. So excited! I hope you will join us!
The walk will take place July 3rd through July 7th (dates are flexible).
If you're new to Virtual Instawalk, here's how it works.
Go solo or grab a friend & get out & about! It could be a zoo, park, a stroll around the neighborhood, or even your own backyard... Just have fun!
A good number to shoot for is around 16 unless you're snap happy like I am ;).
After the walk, Grid your 16 (more or less) unedited photos & tag #Viw17_grids. Be sure to give a little detail as to where you walked.
(I use Diptic but there are several good frame apps available like FrameMagic, PicsArt, & others).
Over the next few weeks (or however long you need) following the walk, Post your individual finished photos (edited or non-edited) & tag to #Viw17.
When your done, grid them again and tag #Viw17_grids.
Also, it's a good idea to tag all photos and grids with your own personal tag #viw17_yourusername so they're all in one place.
Some new tags...
#viw17_live  - For those who would like to see who is walking when you are and if you want to post during your walk.
#viw_appinfo  - For more info on apps and etc.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Be sure to follow @virtualinstawalk(Instagram) to stay informed & also to check out some of the previous walks :)
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