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MicroLight Corporation
The industry standard for healing Cold Laser Therapy.
The industry standard for healing Cold Laser Therapy.

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Microlight displays at National Equine Show in Nashville ,TN Dec 7-8-9.

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12/02/13 Founder Mike Barbour was guest speaker to over 100 Health Science students in El Paso, TX. The school features the ML830® Laser in their Rehab studies.

Why is Class 3 laser more effective than a class 4 that has more total watts of power?

Any Class 4 Laser uses a 2000 degree non focus power to create a thermal effect to skin that creates blood flow through heat.

That is why any Class 4 Laser has to Pulse or Super Pulse the power output or they will burn the Skin. Therefore you would not go over bone-metal-or treat kids. Class 4 Lasers are very dangerous and have many liability issues.

The ML 830 adds no heat to the skin. The wave length is a continuous power output of 33 seconds. It creates blood flow without heat. You can go over bone, metal and treat kids. 

This is why we have been the industry leader for the last 23 Years.

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