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Getting bloggy with it: a post about my recent shortlisted story on Mash Stories. 

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One of my stories made it to the shortlist on Mash Stories. The challenge was to create a 500-word story using the words relativity, cathedral and monkey.  Mine is one of a couple spec-fic pieces. 
Voting continues through July and you can vote for as many stories as you like.  Right now, we're all getting decimated by a mommy blogger with killer networking skills (and a decent straight-fic story). 

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My flash piece is short-listed over at MashStories and up for a vote. We had to write a 500-word story using the words "relativity", "cathedral", and "monkey". 
If you have a few extra minutes, head on over and vote--not necessarily for mine.

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Dedicating this year's NaNo novel to the 5-month-old squidlet as she pretty much has the final say in how much time goes into it. #babyisthebossofme

Okay, I had to do a ton of research before I could even begin to critique my students' group presentation: how f/1 noise helps in the reduction of stress.
These are low-intermediate ESL learners.
They so totally rock.

Spent the Equinox on wheels: 65km through Inuyama to Nagoya. Every last stream was typhoon-turgid.

Wow, I really, really don't feel like revising today.

I'm a flight and a Shanghai layover away from Thailand.

Well, this place doesn't look too bad.
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