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Joan Arensman
Product Manager at Google. Passionate about search, data and online advertising. Fan of The Economist, basketball and chess.
Product Manager at Google. Passionate about search, data and online advertising. Fan of The Economist, basketball and chess.

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This is great - geo-hacking at its finest.
There’s nothing like taking the scenic route. Just ask David Cooke, who used +Google Earth to discover a straight 22,229-mile line through our planet’s oceans—without touching land.

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Search Funnels are now “Attribution” in AdWords

Advertisers use Search Funnels in AdWords [] to examine and analyze customer conversion paths. For example, the Search Funnels reports show how often more generic keywords, like “mountain bikes”, lead to conversions that eventually happen through other, more specific keywords, like “best mountain bikes under 500 dollars”.

With more advertisers moving beyond last-click attribution, we’re renaming Search Funnels to “Attribution” and adding it to the Tools menu, making it easier to discover and access the reports on a recurring basis.

We’ve also refreshed the interface for Attribution to make the individual reports easier to use. Some of the reports you can find in Attribution are:
+The Top Paths report, which shows you the conversion paths of your users across all search interactions
+The Assisted Conversions report, which tells you how often a particular campaign assisted conversions through other campaigns (rather than being the last-clicked campaign)
+The Attribution Modeling Tool, which allows you to compare different attribution models side-by-side

We hope these changes make Attribution easier to discover, access and use in AdWords. To learn more, visit the AdWords Help Center:

#updates #attribution

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I'm just going to say it: This is now a best practice for all +YouTube video ads. Thanks, +GEICO Insurance 

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Check it out!
Best Practices: Combine AdWords with Google Analytics for Better Insights, Bidding and Results

Like sunshine and the beach, or dogs and tennis balls, Google AdWords and Google Analytics are great by themselves but even better together.

We’ve put together a new Best Practices guide, Better Together: AdWords and Google Analytics, to help you get deep insight into your performance. When you analyze performance with the combination of GA and AdWords you can find all sorts of actionable info:

Which parts of your account drive actual on-site engagement
Which keywords attract new users to your site
What messaging and landing pages connect with the different users on your site
How your business compares across your entire industry

To whet your appetite, check out our list of ten insights that you can find in Google Analytics.

Guide -
Checklist -
Blog post -

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Feeling a little bad for ordering a replacement patrol boat for Battleship, which now has to be shipped from some Amazon warehouse all the way to our front door...

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Glorious sign-off from the editor of +The Economist since 2006, John Micklethwait: "The case for liberal optimism".

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Let's count words!
Introducing the Query Word Count dimension for AdWords search queries
/by  +Joan Arensman  #adwords #analytics

The AdWords Search Queries report in Google Analytics shows you which search queries resulted in clicks on your AdWords ads.

Many advertisers have told us that they like to segment AdWords search queries based on the number of words used in the query. More specific queries with many words (long-tail queries) tend to perform rather differently from short queries with only a few words. 

For that reason, we created a new dimension in the AdWords Search Queries report: Query Word Count. You can now analyze query patterns easily, without needing to classify them manually. Using this insight, consider adding additional long-tail keywords in AdWords to more closely match high-performing search queries.  

Learn more in the Help Center at:

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Couldn't agree more; great visual storytelling
Amazing chart & awesome visual story telling by @BloombergNews-- a fast, easy but informative read: America Is Shaking Off Its Addiction To Oil

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Great initiative: Global Fishing Watch. Data from +Google Earth benefiting the world's oceans.

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Thanks to Fireproof Games for building the best Myst-like games for tablets: The Room & The Room Two. Get them from the Play Store (the 4.9 avg. rating should convince you): 
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