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The video of auto accident was captured by surveillance camera in private investigator vehicle MJ PI
SUV auto accident in Orange County, California off the I-5 North Bound, Exit # 107C State College Blvd, The City Drive. The SUV has flipped on it’s side due to the windy storm weather. The video was captured by Private investigator MJ

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After the Friday Muslim prayers in Egypt 🇪🇬; #ISIS terrorist killed 26 Coptic Orthodox Christians. The ISIS terrorist group, that consisted of approximately 10 Islamic terrorist got on the bus and started shooting without regard and screaming "ALLAH AKBAR".

Friday is the main day of prayer for Muslims all over the world. While, all Christians attend church and pray on Sunday. The Islamic terrorist men and women went to pray on Friday and decided afterwards to hunt and shoot down Coptic Christian human beings who are considered are neighbors, humble and peaceful friends of these Egyptian Muslim folks. Muslims have discriminated against the Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt, even though they are the real owners of Egypt. The Egyptian pharaohs are the ancestors of the Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt. In Egypt, Coptic orthodox Christians don't marry or mix with Muslims and visa versa.

ISIS TERRORIST had said in a recorded video. "God gave orders to kill every infidel," one of the militants carrying swords and an AK-47 assault rifle with Islamic state flag in the background.

The US Embassy in Cairo has issued warnings; since it's learned about the terrorist attack earlier from a terrorist website associated with #ISIS. The ISIS terrorist website warrant an attack will occur.


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‪Plans on paper are always perfect. Developing the plans are a different story. #privateinvestigator #Bluesystemsinternational #mjpi
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+Marty Penate +Michael Lawyer +Mary Lewis
Private investigations combined with a good lawyer is the recipe for outstanding success in a court room.
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CA DMV investigating fraudulent handicapped placards. The is fine can be up to $1,200.00

Private investigator MJ PI 714-592-8000
Fake cosmetologist Doctor is under arrest in Los Angeles.

Never assume; since you would be your own worst enemy. Prepare for the worst and celebrate the best. #privateinvestigator

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Surveillance devices and ease dropping equipment techniques and training are mandatory for success. We spent thousands of dollars yearly on training and equipment in order to help and assist our clients.
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Private investigator MJ PI 714-592-8000
Never assume; since you would be your own worst enemy. Prepare for the worst and celebrate the best. #privateinvestigator

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#Tscm bug and ease dropping sweeps, clear your home 714-592-8000
#surveillance #privateinvestigator #detects  and #reports   #Bluesystemsinternational  

(Atypical #symptomatology #began approx.12/2013)
03/17/14: Banging on unit 25-M door AM (fmr res mgr Jesse Leite's ongoing bad #behaviors #documented again 03/14/14); "no entry" sign #ripped & moved on my door.
Later my return: cat vomited w/ blood @ entry & her canvas carrier had been slashed.
She #collapsed by end of wk.
Orig. Vet misdiagnosis & focus @ hosp. more cover for vet.
Cat died month later despite efforts...

1st #SFPD report filed 05/2014 after Jesse Leite followed me to roof--came twd me threateningly w/ "fuck you" ... too much grief to file anything prior...
Suppl. subseq. filed; suppl "lost" by SFPD; re-filed.
Unbeknownst to me @ time--Lt. Kane involved in Civil Rights violations of me, based on perjury by Leite, Steve Simpson, et al.
Note: Brinna cameras--dates changed to 03/17/14 later during one of subsequent innumerable break-ins...(ref in my corresp. to Chief Suhr)...
#SFPD # tb prov; note prior unit resident Angeleste Saunders (sp?) & fact that Leite "lost" 2 cats out of window--his unreliable word..
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Prostitutes have found Newport Beach as a heaven for white male gentlemen who can afford to pay a few hundred dollars for a date.
Private Investigators Xxx life is amazing without a doubt.
Friends and clients always ask what type of cases do you get and what's the most interesting case? It's hard to say since it's a roller coaster ride. I can tell you that I love my job as a PI. Here's an example of a client who wanted to pursue an investigation and bring a prostitute to justice. Private Investigator cases can be tricky.
#abc7eyewitness #Kcal9 #jerryspringer #fraud #fraudinvestigations
Subject Information
Other Names/Aliases
Subject Description
Brunette, blue eyes, 5'6", 125lbs.
Last Known Address
2200 S Harbor, (room 232 & The Days Inn)
United States
Map It
Mobile Phone
Other Comments (Please provide us with all detailed information regarding the investigation)
I was the victim of fraud on Saturday June 25, 2016 at the Days Inn in Anaheim. I met with prostitute AKA Nancy and the bitch took $200.00 from me in exchange for a good time and during our fun time ;); A Latino female comes out of the bathroom and kicks me out of the hotel room with a hard ON; that's pretty fucked up. Days Inn Hotel has rip off prostitutes.
I'm really pissed off !
The Two females were directly involved. There were a total of four females in the room. I called 911 and directed the Anaheim police to their location (anonymously,) however, although six policemen were on scene none of the officers had eyes on the room. If they had been observant they would have noticed Nancy running away from them to alert the other females in room 232. For this reason the police missed the opportunity to stop and question the perpetrator and advance the investigation.
Subject 2 / Defendant 2 Information
Subject Description
Latino female, brunette, 5'7", 145lbs
How did you find us?


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