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Investment, is the pruchase of an economic source for gaining income and its gainining in value after a period of waiting. In these days, there are many instruments of investment offered to people.  In Turkey, the most popular insruments of investments are gold, USD, EURO, REPO, treasury bonds and real estate.

The flats for sale and land parcels for sale which constitute one of the most preferred types of real-estate investment in Turkey, can be a profitable long term investment in case it is carefully investigated and carefully planned.

People keep immigrating to İstanbul everywhere from Turkey and this fact adds even more people to already crowded city of İstanbul. Fort his reason, the number of people investing in İstanbul continously increase.

For the purposes of urban planning the surplus population in overcrowded cities are being guided towards to other districts where new projects have been undertaken. The megaprojects like Marmaray, Kanal İstanbul, new airport and the new bridge are examples to this. Even the news of the prospect of these new Project have caused speculative price increases of flats and land parcels offered to sale, throughout the path of these new projects. The market for real estate have been guided towrd these sites and the companies have started to compete with each other to invest in there by building shopping centers and residential sites. The investment in these districts in the form of flats, land parcels, villas  where such projects are undertaken will obviously accrue income however there are tips to be taken into consideration. What are these tips?
Are there vehicles of transportation serving in the region where you will make investments. If there are, what are these? What are their proximity to the centres of health, shopping and education?
For instance,  if the estate you are going to invest are land-parcels, what are the comparative prices of the nearby land parcels?
If you are going to invest in flats, the prior works of the construction firms must have been examined and the level of expertise and knowledge ust be sought out. The quality of the building materials must be investigated.
If you will purchase a finished flat, learn wheter it is sold on net or gross metersquares.
If you are going to purchase a finished flat from a protected site, buyers must investigate the facilities of the site, because these are important factors influencing the price.
If you are going to buy in the “topraktan satış”, the clauses of the agreement must be closely examined and the transaction must be done in the presence of a public notary.
Those who will buy a commercial store must examine the prospects of rental income and finding a new rentier in case the old one quits.
In commercial portfolio, the features of the rentier must be investigated, the type of his usage of the store must be gauged and the aggreement must be carefully prepared.
The total sum to be spent in investing to the estate might be carefully calculated, if you are going to use bank credits, the prospective payments of interest and the costs of file operations must be carefully calculated.
These are the main headlines to be taken care in İstanbul in dealing with real estate. While investing money, it is advisable to take professional opinions from professional real estate consultants .
Why Sapanca?
Sapanca is a peaceful and calm retreat with beautiful lake scene with little proximity to İstanbul where people may take shelter when they are bored in İstanbul. Nowadays the tourism sector is Sapanca is flourisng therefor in the eyes of the investors it is favourable place. You too may buy a villa to live for long and peaceful years, or invest for profit in such a lovely place of beautiful nature, of being a crossroads in a proximity to other cities.
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People generally wish to continue their lives in safe, secure, peaceful and comfortable environment while at the same time wish that their residence is cost-efficient. Immovable property are things like flats, land parcels etc. There are many options in terms of investment an done of these real-estates. Real-estate are important as for the people dwelling in the country as well as the valueing of the lands of our homeland.

Real-estate,    is the state of the elements of non-movable property being recorded under the ownership of this or that individual and offcially registered in title-deeds.

It can be said that, the real-estate business is conducted in a professional manner for a 10-15 years or so. The raising in the level of conciousness of Turkish in this sector and making investments in just the correct place at the correct time have increased the margins of profit. Besides the investments made without due diligence has fizzled and excess monies have been paid in vain to immovable properties.

İstanbul is the center of industry of Turkey, and thus it attracted people from many rural areas and the overall urban population has exceeded its normalcy. In this context, the opportunities of investment has increased dramatically and the total number of real-estate items have increased.

Since the older residences have fullfilled their quotas of population, new residential areas have been opened to settlement and the land parcels there have increased in price. The economically sensitive big construction firms have sensed this trend and have realized large buildings in such areas. Those properties which have been bought have provided good profits to their owners.

Commercial real-estates are types of immovables which is supposed to provide income to their owner, wheter this ownership is held personally or by public institutions.  The commercial real-estates have a higher ratio of accruing income than other real-estates. For instance, a person having the ownership of a ground floor of a building as renting their to a bank. This type of ownership is both gainful and prestigous as well as the usage of your property.

Real-estate counselling is giving services, expertise and advising and acting as intermediary in legal transactions in return for an aggreement made with the title-deed holder.

Beware in choosing your real-estate counselling and seek for the following criteria: responsibility, integrity, impartiality, independence, occupational care, public benefit, occupational ethic, communicative skills and the talent for reporting. Otherwise your investments may fizzle and non-retrievable wounds may be inflicted on your budget.  
If you too wish to enjoy the privilige of having customer satisfaction with us, you may get us a report providing you the type of real-estate property which might bring you the maximum profit after some feasibility studies being conducted. After these, you will be in a situation to decide for the right choice at the right moment and you will have the comfort of the mind in ending your transactions.

Also, we urge you to take a glance at our villas for sale in Sapanca well-known for its clean-air and beautiful lake view. Purchasing cost-efficient villas made of high quality material in Sapanca either for investment purposes and living happily thereafter in such a paradise is highly advisable.

Do not forget: The real-estate makes for you money not in selling but in buying. 
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The immovable property means in literal sense those property which can not be transferred. These might be houses, orchards, land parcels,etc. There are kinds of immovables, these are, residential immovables, commercial immovables, aggricultural immovables, industrial immovables, vacant land parcels. These might be used for purposes of investments as well as for other purposes. Like in all of the world the real-estate sector have gained economic vitality in Turkey, too. Investing in real-estate seems a safe investment where all most anywhere in Turkey may yield great yields, obviously it is of utmost important to invest in the correct immovable at the correct time. One of the crucial point in investing in real-estate is the location of the estate, because in case of selling the property this is a very important factor.  The other important point, is the comparision of the property in question with other properties so that one should not over-pay for a property. Another indicator is the ratio of demand when you offer your property for sale or rent, this will give you a idea about the economic worth of your property.

The real-estate sector in İstanbul which is the most crowded city of İstanbul is very hot these days. The problem of finding a real-estate in İstanbul is not so acute these days some of our citizens our disstressed in this respect. Some of our citizens are complaining that they are being victimized by the unfullfilled promises made by the estate-dealers and some citizens are complaining that they can not find the investments for preferred prices.

Thanks to the projects undertaken by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, new projects are being continously produced for İstanbul, old buildings, land parcels and fields are being evaluated, the projects of 2B lands usage are undertaken,  In this context, the main problem is in which district one should make investments? And specially in which specific point. That is the question.

Real-estate counselling is an institution which is established to help you in such important question. It is the job of the real-estate counsellers to determine what kind of invesment to make, how much of your budget to allocate in this venture, how much profit in how much time you will accrue profits, to bargain for your account, to act as intermediary.

Commercial immovables are a type of immovables which accrue income. Those people having these properties gain income within certain periods. The commercial immovables are a bit more profitable. Because these kinds of immovables amortise themselves in shorter time span. The real-estate counselling helps their clients to make decisions about their prospective investments by preparing them reports, feasibility studies, makes preparations according to the type of property they want to buy. Unfortunately, in our day, some people who claim to be “real-estate counsellors” do nothing but waste their clients hard-earned savings. These real-estate brokers just placate posters on their window-panes “apartments for sale, villas for sale, land for sale” and they care more for their own profits than the gain of their clients.

We, as being one of the leading firms of this sector work with a team of able professionals. If you want to see and examine our past record of studies and successes, you might wish to examine our internet site and learn that how your savings and investments will be evaluated by expert professionals. If you want to take a glance at the villas offered on sale at Sapanca, which is a natural retreat at a distance of 1 hour to İstanbul and its environs, you may call us and visit our site.
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People generally prefer to solidify the rewards of their years long labours into concrete investment of real-estate. Because, in the long-run, the most gain accruing investment is real estate. In this world of volatile situations, it is understandable that people try to secure their future existence. This popular demand for real-estate, gives rise to the birth of the sector of real-estate business.  

 The word “Real Estate”, is an Arabic word borrowed into Turkish, meaning the plurality and totality of the immovable properties (gayrimenkul) The ones which can be called immovable are properties like buildings, land parcels, gardens which can be sold and turned into liquid money. The real-estate brokers are such people who are engaged in this occupation who are generally buy/sell and rent properties.

Real-estate is seen everywhere as a safe type of investment. Many candidates of realty investors are willing to start but do not know where to start. For these reason, three capabilities of title-deed transactions, banking transactions, and legal procedure should be in hand. If you are dealing in realty these three is of utmost importance. (know-how/ connection/contact) Those who are engaged in this type of things must have some solid knowledge base over these matters or should take Professional help from a realty counsellor.

In Turkey, especially, in the last decade, the realty sector has boomed and start to offer even more attractive opportunities for investors in realty. For this reason, the market for realty in the future will promise even more profit. Especially, İstanbul provides various opportunities for any kind of investors.

The potential for investing in Turkey can not be underestimated. For this reason, the projects realized or in the making  ( like Kanalİstanbul, The Marmaray Project, 3.Airport Project, İzmit Highway Project)
contributes to the development of Turkey.  In order to support this development one should contribute to the investment potential of Turkey. For these, the activities of investment must be of permanent nature in this country, the big international firms must be made to invest in Turkey, common platforms must be established for joint operations.

According to the data of TÜİK, (Turkish Statistical Institue), in the market for the sale of residences, İstanbul got the lion’s share of %20.2 with a total number of sales of 17 718 items. This date indicates that, the foreign and domestic sectors, concentrate their activities of investing in İstanbul. According to the data of TÜİK,the yearly steady  increase in the sales of residences in İstanbul proves that the general direction of investors are in a correct path. The realty investment in İstanbul is a type of investment which can be preferred by any people from any budget.

In the long run, the most rational investment type is the commercial real-estate.  The commercial real-state provides more economical profits than residential realty because of its advantage in purchasing cost. The market for commercial real estate have flourished thanks to the construction of shopping malls, office blocks, plazas, industrial buildings.

Within the context of all these have been said, the firms offer to the investors realty options of land parcels, gardens, commercial real-estates which colour investors’ dreams and also might yield good profits.

Via internet you might examine and evaluate the finished projects of the company. Also , you may contact the firm via telephone or by coming to the firm center. The company which serves its customers with its options of flat for sale, land parcel for sale, villa on sale, also offers attractive options outside İstanbul.

The firm offers realty opportunities in cities like, Aydın, Bursa, Kocaeli, Sapanca. The villa for sale in Sapanca, especially, offers a very special life style which full your dreams outside İstanbul.
Do not forget, the trade in realty is a sector which requires expertise. If you want to do your transactions with a professional specialist and get his advice, just contact with the firm.
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The realty which is one of the most entrenched and safe instruments of investment, are among the essentials of many people. In a volatile and continously changing world, realty is the place of investing their money by the people in order to safeguard themselves. Real-estate or commercial real-estate will therefore be the best instrument of investment.

In Turkish language, “emlak” and “gayrımenkul” are words changed interchangably. In the transactions of realty, safeguards and assurances are important. For this reason, when a decision is made for investing in realty, professional help is urged to be received from real-estate counsellor or an intermediary institution like a real estate investment company.
The importance of investing in realty:
Realty market is an essential market for national-economies and also an important resource.
Real-estate forms a part of the economic life of a family and everybody. Realty investment is for many families the only and the most promising investment which they can make for their entire life spans.
There is a relation and interaction between the land usage and realty market.
The realty-market may offer profitable career opportunities for people engaging in this businesss.
One of the basic needs of people is habitation. For this reason, they prefer first hand residential realty. For commercial real-estate, it is a private property which the larger society may also benefit from. The commercial real estates are instruments of investment which are generally more cost-efficient than residential realty and they generally increase more in terms of their premium.

In Turkey, the choice of investment in realty-sector, are a rising market in paralel with the increase in foreign investments in Turkey. The foreign investors are generally came to invest in commercial real-estate. Before they decide in which sector to invest, they investigate the sectors to be invested and they act conciously. The foreign investors generally tend to focus on in İstabul. In the list of cities which preferred for investors, İstanbul is on top of the list. In this process, the Turkish market for real-estate has a great potential for growth.

İstanbul is the commercial and industrial hub of Turkey and therefore there is an increasing demand for residences, and consequentially investors focus on İstanbul. The growing needs also increase the number of realty items for sale.

The market for realty also increased in such cities like Ankara, İzmir, Kocaeli, Sakarya which are tied to intense transportation networks. Since Sapanca is a district of Sakarya an important touristic destination it is possible to see advertisements of realty for sale like “Satılık Villa”. The cities are places where there are also opportunities for realty as well as investments in industry. We may sight the Sapanca district of Sakarya among such places.

In our days, the realty is transformed into income accruing investment beyond its function of habitation. Realty groups like satılık arsa, satılık daire, satılık villa (land parcels, flats for sale, villas for sale) develop according to the demand of the society. The investors who beforehand tried to solidify his savings into a residential real-estate in order to safeguard his future nowadays tries to get the possession of a commercial real estate and seek a commercial career. It becomes a commercial sector more than basic need of habitation.

For instance, if the investors sells-off the immovable he buys today (be it residence, land parcel, office, plazas, store) after a 5 year period, the transaction in question will provide a possibility of cash flow to the investor in the future.

Regarding investing in realty, an investor should make his investment considering long-term situations. In other words, if an investor sells-off a property he buys today after a three-month period he can not make a profit. The real-estate investments are type of investments which can be financed with great resources. The individual investors are not able to finance high cost real-estate investments by their own savings. If a decision is given to invest, than a professional advice must be sought.
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In Turkish, “real estate” and “properties” are words used interchangeably. “Real Estate” is a word borrowed from Arabic language meaning  “uncarriable, impossible to be transferred from somewhere to elsewhere.”

Among these are land parcel, orchards, gardens, residence can be mentioned. The most important among immovables are lands and mines. The types of real-estates are can be listed as, residential immovables, commerical immovables, industrial immovables, aggricultural immovables, special-aimed immovables, lands and parcels.

If we look at the history of “real-state”, people in the beginning, used caves and tree hollows for habitation. Later on, they learned to build houses from mud-bricks and bricks. With the start of the settled life, the concept of house was transformed and the appearence of house were started to be highly regarded. As the society evolved into collective life, the notions of who settled where in what kind of house gained importance.  With the rise of the society regarding property highly, the importance of real-estate increased. Slowly, the properties like residences and lands gained a function of economic gain overshadowing the basic function of habitation. Thus, the sector of realty flourished.

Realty, forms the totality of property acquired through the accumulation of savings, which might be re-liqufied in the future.  People’s transforming their savings into real-estate with the apprehension of their personal future is an ongoing fact of life. In our day, besides habitation, profit-oriented investments are made within the context of income-accruing properties. These are among the commercial type of properties. The commercial real-estates are generally making more premiums than residential estates.

It is an instrument of investment preferred because it accrues more gain in the long-term. Since it is a long-term investment, one should turn his property into cash after a considerable time-period. The sales made in very short term would not yield any profit.

In Turkey, there are many factors influencing the market for realty. These factors can be listed as follows:  The population increase, immigrations, the reneval of the existing residences, the growth of shopping centers, the increase in the number of firms with the development of the service sector and related increase fort he demand of office spaces, the rapidly growing logistic sector and the development of the construction sector.

The location of the immovable is also a very important factor determining the future of the investment made. İstanbul is the leading city in the ranking of investment. We may recite the reasons for the preference of İstanbul as the center of realty investment for both domestic and foreign investors. The sophistication of transportation networks,  its widespread industrial sector, its touristic and cultural features. The market for realty-for sale in İstanbul, has been developing even more with foreign investors. Since Turkey is a developing country, we may also claim that investors invest country’s future.

As a developing country, Turkey has flourishing market in the cities other than İstanbul. Even though, at the top of the ranking metropolitan cities are listed, we may also add the city of Sakarya to the list  which is left outside population increases, immigration, industrial developments and investments however for its touristic features and its proximity to İstanbul the possibilities of investments have been developed.

The district of Sapanca of the Sakarya province is especially important in terms of real-estate investment (land parcels for sale, flats for sale, villas for flats) because of the importance of the Sapanca Lake and its being on the route to İstanbul.

For those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and prefer silent and peaceful living, should take a glance at the villas for sale in Sapanca. 
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The concept of “property” which is used in place of “real estate” is the common name given to immovables like houses, business place, land parcels, orchards, gardens etc. The concept of  “gayrimenkul” is a broader concept including “emlak”. In the sector, the people who are engaged in the business transactions like buying, selling, renting are called realtor or real estate-counsellors.

The sector of realty, is a continously developing sector both in Turkey and in the world. The realty sector have subdivisions such as residential realty, commercial realty, industrial realty, aggricultural realty, private aimed realty. The residential realty which is one of the main businesses of the sector meet the requirement of habitation. Along side, it is also demanded as an instrument of investment.

The main factor influencing the sector is of course the population increase. The variable elements which influence the sector are the increase in urbanization, urban renewal projects, the increase in the number of households, the real-estate sale-prices etc.

The type of realty are, might be classified into five groups: residential estates, commercial estates, industrial estates, aggricultural estates, private aimed estates.

In Turkey, the investment in the realty, is very highly unlikely to stop, if it stops at all. Because the continuing increase in population, the ongoing phase of urbanization and the inclination of people towards realty investment is a strong argument in favour of the continuity in investment to real-estates. In Turkey, all of these are the factors influencing investments. The individuals in the realty sector, in Turkey, acquire the first realty for the habitation of their and their families’ habitation, the second realty for their feeling of safety and welfare. By this way, commercial immovables, a type of realty emerges.

In Turkey, the realty sector is an economic activity which is influenced by economic and prolitical events. In Turkey, urbanization caused by industrialization since 1950s and the increase in population, the need for residences have dramatically increased. The property for sale in İstanbul which has an important share in Turkish market, has been flying high. The foreign investors generally prefer the holiday destinations. The foreign investors are also demanding to invest in İstanbul. In parallel with the rapid development in İstanbul, the possibilities of investments in İstanbul have been increasing. You may find opportunities for invesment (flats for sale, land parcels for sale, villas for sale) suited to every budget and anybody in İstanbul.

Also you may be interested in finding villas for sale in Sapanca, a natural retreat with beautiful scenes away from the hustle and bustle of big-city life and with cultural and historical features of touristic interest. With its moistered and plentiful oxygen-rich atmosphere caused a diverse flora to grow. The unique harmony of the Sapanca Lake and its unique flora provides a paradise-like environment for people who are tired of tense city-life and take shelter in Nature.

Sapanca guards cultural wonders as well as natural beauties. The various cultures who dwelt and left their mark in this land has formed a cultural atmosphere unique to this region and enriched this locality. Some of the historical beauties of Sapanca are the following: Byzantine-era sarcophagaii and tombstones, Vecihi Kapısı ( The Gates of Vecihi), the Mosque of Rüstempaşa, the Mosque of Rahime Sultan, the Mosque of Hasan Fehmi Paşa, The Cedid Mosque. 
Sapanca, with its peculiar qualities is the best place to buy villas.

In addition to all things said, some customers meet with hitches during the transactions of buying and selling. In order to avoid these hitches, a customer is advised to be guided by a reliable and trustworthy expert. 
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