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Christine Uri
Works at Galois, Inc.
Attended Boston College Law School
Lives in Portland
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Christine Uri

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Galois is hiring!  

We are currently seeking software engineers/researchers to play a pivotal role in fulfilling our mission of creating trustworthiness in critical systems.

Galois engineers/researchers participate in one or more projects concurrently, and specific roles vary greatly according to skills, interests, and company needs. Your role may include technology research and development, requirements gathering, implementation, testing, formal verification, infrastructure development, project leadership, and/or supporting new business development.

Skills & Requirements

Education: Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent. MS or PhD in CS or a related field desirable but optional, depending on specific role.

Required Technical Expertise:  Must have hands-on experience developing software and/or performing computer science research. Demonstrated expertise in aspects of software development mentioned above. 

Desired Technical Expertise:  Fluency in the use of formal or semi-formal methods such as Haskell or other functional programming languages. Direct experience in developing high assurance systems and/or security products. Experience with identity management, security risk analysis, systems software, or networking.

Required General Skills: Must work well with customers, including building rapport, identifying needs, and communicating with strong written, verbal, and presentation skills. Must be highly motivated and able to self-manage to deadlines and quality goals.

Our engineers/researchers develop in programming languages including functional languages, designing and developing advanced technologies for safety- and security-critical systems, networks, and applications.  Engineers/researchers work in small team settings and must successfully interact with clients, partners, and other employees in a highly cooperative, collaborative, and intellectually challenging environment.

We’re looking for people who can invent, learn, think, and inspire. We reward creativity and thrive on collaboration. If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume to us at
Fun Facts About Portland. • Ranked #1 "Greenest City in the U.S." by Popular Science magazine. • Ranked #2 "America's Best Bike Cities" by Bicycling magazine. • Ranked #1 "America's Best Cities for Fo...
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Christine Uri

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Worth reading every line -
The time has come to occupy democracy.
I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to unpack the interaction among business, society, law, religion and politics. 
Let me tell you a few things I know for certain: 
+ Democracy (operating free from the control of any group or faction) is the best way humans can organize society. 
+ Free markets (operating free from control of any group or faction) provide the most productive way to organize work. 
+ Neither free markets nor democratic government can function when any group dominates. 
The concentration of wealth creates a center of power that corrupts both markets and governments by providing an avenue of control. 
President Eisenhower was quite correct in his assessment in his famous farewell address warning of the corrosive power of the military-industrial complex. 
Since World War II, and especially with the dismantling of progressive tax mechanisms, there has been an ever-increasing concentration of wealth and power. 
This loosely affiliated group of capitalists -- note here the difference between free markets and capitalism -- this group of capitalists succeeded in increasing their own wealth exponentially while paying for a nearly permanent war-footing by imposing a huge Federal debt on the American people. 
The purpose of capitalism is to produce capital -- stored wealth. 
Creating new value is a good thing, if it serves the needs of society. 
So we need not throw out what is working. 
Freed of bought influence, a democratic republic can function quite well to produce a government of the people, for the people by the people. 
Freed of bought influence, markets can function to meet the needs of humanity and to serve human flourishing. 
So you see, markets, democracy, government, even taxes are not some evil to be destroyed. 
We can have free markets without capitalism. 
We can have democracy without capitalism. 
We can have freedom without capitalism. 
Capitalism is not an economic system. 
Markets form an economic system. 
Capitalism is an ideology that puts wealth creation above all else and makes an idolatry of wealth. 
Being wealthy is neither good nor evil. 
The distance from humanity that come with great wealth, the will to power, the drive to win, to control, this toxic brew distorts the minds of those who drink that Kool-aid. 
Yet the dead on the beach do not come from that lofty group. 
The dead are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles. 
The challenge for this generation is to resist the twin siren songs of greed and anger. 
The marketing machine of the 20th century knows quite well how to manipulate the sentiments of ordinary people.  
We fear embarrassment, we desire status and we have been led on a debt-driven consumer binge for decades. 
This orgy of consumption has distracted us from the inevitable realization that we have been sold the big lie, that we are the soon-to-be-rich. 
As we lose homes and futures to a financial machine calibrated to concentrate wealth by setting a minefield of fine print in our daily lives, we still admire the elite that owns Congress and the courts. 
The marketing machine that sells us on food that is killing us, is feeding us something much more sinister, political ad by the hundreds fly at us trying to use fear, irrational, unfounded fear to keep us from realizing the we, the American people are the punchline to the old adage, “You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time.” Well, the internet has changed all that. 
Democracy is about the communication of ideas. 
Hate, lies and distortion need the darkness of ignorance and isolation to breed. 
The internet is a memocracy, where good ideas propagate and bad ideas die for lack of care. 
Even with paid astroturf, the corporatist message, does not ripple through the collective global consciousness. 
The new age of empathy has begun. 
And the corporate lackeys, the paid errand boys of the leisure class are running scared. 
Neo-conservatives don’t have money, they just want to be liked by the whales that do. 
They are going to come at this spreading consciousness with everything they have. 
Savage attack ads paid for by billionaires defending their privilege. 
And mark my words, if these market-manipulating plutocrats sense for a second that they have lost the war in the public square, they will loose the hounds. 
How do you know that the next terrorist attack that makes it through their airtight cordon is really authored by Iran or the Al Qaeda or a manufactured fringe right-wing or left-wing group? I am sad to say that no group that has a monopoly on power willingly lets go. 
If the people are wining in a democratic forum, be sure that a plunging stock market or a terrorist attack will blow onto the front pages and the TV news to try to rekindle the fear that has kept us at each other’s’ throats for years. 
Don’t buy it. 
There is no real enemy out there. 
We have met the enemy and he is us. 
Or rather the enemy is the corporatist club. 
Don’t ever believe that democracy is the threat. 
Don’t believe that markets are to blame. 
Don’t believe that a democratically elected government is dangerous. 
Don’t even take the leap to argue that the creation of wealth is a bad thing. 
Capital is the land, the roads, the buildings, the machinery. 
These are useful tools for serving human needs. 
No, the change that is coming is really so simple. 
The screaming threats for human freedom, Fascism and Communism -- these monopolies of power -- have fallen in our lifetime to the combined forces of democracy and market productivity. 
There is no revolution coming. 
It is so much simpler than that. 
The big lie is over. 
Corporations are not people. 
Money is not speech. 
History will look back on this time as the defeat of the third great threat to human freedom. 
The simple answer it to take back our government, in our cities, our counties, our states and the nation. 
Vote your conscience. 
Vote for freedom. 
Seek out candidates who are not trading on fear, who are not selling stupid, simple solutions to tough problems. 
The time has come for us to put away childish things. 
We need to vote like the intelligent adults that we are. 
This time in history has brought together a generation capable of asking tough questions and making tough choices. 
The time has come to occupy democracy.
~ Jason
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Christine Uri

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Human truth moving into the corporate context -
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Christine Uri

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What do you think? Is advice on how to look and act as professional women pulling the conversation off-track?
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I agree
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Christine Uri

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On entrepreneurs and investors - funny, but true
Over the past two weeks via my partnership with Microsoft and Office Web Apps, I’ve provided templates of models for you to create enchanting PowerPoint pitches, Word business plans, and Excel financi...
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Christine Uri

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A fictional Forbes story, written for April Fools' Day, landed in Google News' traffic-driving number one spot.
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Christine Uri

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Great thoughts for Monday morning.
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It's been a while since you posted Christine.  Are you still around?
+Christine Uri 
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Christine Uri

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A new way of thinking. I am sure this is not for most people.

I would certainly like to know when and if well rounded people will be considered more competitive than specialized people.
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+Lee Tyler No problem. Sleep is very important. I stopped counting the hours. I am sure my body will let me know when it is time to stop thinking. :D 
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Christine Uri

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Thanks +Jacob Johnston, +Sue Travers, and +Shaker Cherukuri for the enthusiasm and +Jason Hurtado Daniels for starting #JHD101+Workshops.

I have been pulling together my thoughts on the evolution of business of a little over a year now, and it feels great to have a place where I can discuss them!
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I'm so thrilled at any hint of recognition. As it happens, Google+ appears to be one of the best places for entry-level big thinkers to get noticed by inspiring people like you, +Christine Uri! I look eagerly forward to our future dialogue.
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Christine Uri

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This is awesome.
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Christine Uri

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"We have always believed that it’s possible to make money without being evil. In fact, healthy revenue is essential if we are to change the world through innovation, and hire (and retain) great people." - I agree with Larry Page on this one.
2012 Update from the CEO. Velocity, execution and focus. Sergey and I founded Google because we believed that building a great search experience would improve people's lives and, hopefully, the wo...
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Christine Uri

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Interesting take - my instinct is that most businesses will by accident or design take this more conservative approach to the social transition
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Ambidextrous professional with keen interest in organizational change; advocate for women and girls; resident of Portlandia

I believe that acting with authenticity and transparency is a prerequisite for success in the modern world, and that to live these values, a business must infuse them across all levels and functions.  I am a team-player who values the power of networks - both virtual and physical.  I am comfortable reaching out to develop new contacts, and I enjoy building unexpected strategic relationships.  When problem solving, my goal is to design solutions that keep business initiatives moving forward while also ensuring that they are supported by a strong legal structure. 

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