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Giant Bomb is going to launch community mini sites around a few game franchises. If you want to help me plan out some of the community features and help moderate/run these sites throw you're name in the ring now.

Tell me this, if you could have your own version of Giant Bomb for a specific franchise, what franchise would it be?

Also include you're GB username.

I'll create a Google+ circle for people who are legit interested in participating in some talks.
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I already replied on Twitter, but, GB: Rolyatkcinmai
Sites I could easily be an expert on:
Any Valve franchise (Half Life, Portal, Counter Strike)
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Neverwinter Nights
The Elder Scrolls
Dawn of War (Warhammer 40k in general maybe)
Guild Wars
GB username: ZimboDK. I personally wouldn't mind either an Elder Scrolls focused site, Mass Effect, or if you really want to cater to the European crowd, Football Manager (Worldwide Soccer Manager in the US).
The franchises that immediately spring to mind for me are the ones that that when brought up on the Bombcast usually inspire apathy or outright derision. Monster Hunter, KOEI's warriors games, things of that sort. The guys have said before that certain styles of games just aren't for them, so why not let the community hold up that department? Then again, it depends on what you want these sites to be for.
GB Username: Make_Me_Mad
You KNOW I'm legitimately interested.
GB Username: Newten

Mario, Zelda and Halo come to mind first. I'd love a Tekken site or perhaps just a site focused on fighting games in general. Oh, and dude... a Pokémon site would be kind of amazing. I'd be way into that.
My GB user name is BrowncoatGrimm and I'd love Dragon Age and Mass Effect sites, though I think just a pure BioWare microsite would be cool. Either way I'd love to be a part of these!
My username is Yanngc33 and I'd be really interested in moderating or building one of these sites. I'd love a Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Mario or Zelda site. How about a marvel vs capcom site or a site dedicated to Capcom fighting games?
GB username is "pat4327"
I love the Mass Effect universe, but there's no multiplayer/community scene around it, so I don't know if a dedicated site would be feasible.
In terms of games with large communities, I'd probably be most interested in a Halo site, but I'm down for anything.
This is a fantastic idea! Street Fighter, Versus games, or even FIGHTING GAMES in general are pretty much perfect for this mini-giant bomb spinoff idea...and I'm the man for the job. I'm closely connected to the FG community (respected) and know a lot of useless stuff about it, I know how to make hot tutorials and flashy videos when necessary, and it's an incredible passion of mine that I'd like to contribute to in a fashion outside of traveling to tournaments and losing my money.

There are so many people that need help and even Jeff has stated how Fighting Games should tell you when do you do this, why stand here and throw a fireball, etc. All of this could be broken down in minute detail on a site like this, without the snobbist attitude found in the more "elite" fighting game communities. I'd love to intern for something like this.

We already have the roots dug in a tiny Giant Bomb SF community, but that could be expanded greatly with this increased focus on user-generated videos and such that aren't suited for a forum -- yet have a very important place in this community.

Alternatively, I'm all about JRPG's and oldschool stuff, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, PS1 knowledge in general I'm pretty good with. Just throwing out ideas. Get back to me.

GB Username: lordofultima
I have no interest in running/moderating anything but I'd find a lot of use (and find myself more active) with the more general ideas that have been suggested such as"Fighting Games" or "Bioware Games" or "RTS's" and that kind of thing.
Good Luck! -MyaSharona
Resident Evil or Half-Life I guess. However I am not really true mod potential.

Lee F
Username: ReyGitano
I think we could build some incredibly detailed sites around games like Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age. Those are games I've spent days on wiki's trying to sort through logistics to understand everything about those games. Skills, Items, Missions, Enemies, NPC's, Locations; there's just so much that needs to be covered in detail.

Anyways, you know I'm interested in helping out Ethan, so tell me what you decide on and best of luck!
I think the Giant Bomb wiki system would make for a pretty kickass Pokemon site and I would absolutely help with that. My username's JohnDudebro.

Alternately, World of Warcraft is an obvious candidate and I'd be on board for that as well.
My username is GhostlyKiller. I would love to help out on a Halo, Call of Duty or a Mass Effect franchise site. Those are just suggestions. I wouldn't mind working on other franchises.
I'd be interested in helping out with anything Castlevania or Metal Gear related. Username is DolphinButter.
Brenderous is my username. Super into the Zelda universe. But I'd be interested in seeing if I could help out. But I already co-run a video game site on the side so I could see how that might be a prollum.
Whiskey sites: AlwaysBeClothing

I generally lurk on the forums all day and I could definitely do some audio or text features. If the game isn't too demanding I could probably edit some video features together. Probably would focus on pc based titles but could do console capture whenever I get that gear. Depending on the game, I could throw together how-tos, walk throughs, or in-game challenges. Pretty active on certain online games, could try to organize gaming nights.

As far as franchises go:
NBA 2k
Rock Band
Random ass pc games (Magic, Left4Dead, TF2, Terraria)
iOS games (GameDevStory, Infinity Blade, VidRhythm)

Certainly play more than this, but off the top of my head those are some I have expertise in.
GB Username: misclet

I'm up to help out with any franchise. With enough research, I could hopefully flesh out any of the sites. Also, I know quite a bit about Silent Hill.
GiantBomb Username: Matt

I would be super into a Star Wars Old Republic mini site or any MMO in general really.
My GB username is guru4567. I'd be interested in helping out with any franchise as well -- it would be cool to bring an Uncharted or Ninja Gaiden minisite to life.
Sounds like and amazing idea! GiantBomb ID: manthorp
I would be interested in helping out with any franchise. However, I tend to focus on fighting games these days.
This sounds pretty neat! I'll throw my name in the hat; Giant Bomb username is Winsord.

As for games, I'd be up for anything racing; DiRT, Forza, Gran Turismo & PGR (though if PGR had its own site, I'd probably be the only one to use it), etc.
Ben Guy
The final fantasy series would probably make a good mini wiki to have, Gilsham
I am Mauveforest on the site. I would really be interested in helping a Giantbomb-style starcraft 2 site, but would be interested in other franchises as well.. I sent you a PM on the site as well.
Username on GB: GPink

I'd be into anything to do with (but not restricted to) The Witcher, any Rare franchises, Monkey Island, or The Elder Scrolls.
I'd love to do some sounding off about community features too, so include me in that please.
I know you will never do this, but I'd love one for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. It's just in my opinion the best game that you can just sit down and play with your mates, and have a blast playing. It's also great online, too :)

my GB username is: random_guy23
GB Username: Bigheart711

I plan to work on the Wii Sports franchise and will also help people with the SMT: Persona Franchise as well as the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
GB Username: Burn1n9m4n
If were talking about a specific franchise I would love to see one for Mortal Kombat, Dead Space, and LA Noire (provided that it becomes a franchise). Also Assassin's Creed. Really though any franchise with a really deep story connected to it. Several others have been named on this page including Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

I'm very interested in being a mod or planner in some capacity.
BG username: Liber
Starcraft is pretty obvious franchise, Warhammer 40K is good too.
include me please.
Username: Sparklykiss

I'd personally love to see something for Borderlands or even The Mother/Earthbound series. I could easily rattle on about Borderlands and am pretty comfortable in saying that is my specialty. But I think that Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon would probably be something that would be of interest to a larger audience and they're all something that I know a pretty fair share about. I'd love to contribute and help come up with some community features in any way at all.

Another thing I wouldn't mind seeing is the intern free-to-play game videos get some more focus on an all MMO specific Giant Bomb website.
Username: Afroman269.
If there's one franchise I can watch over it would be Gears of War. I spent most of my time with this franchise than any other. It would be cool to be a part of a mini site dedicated to it.
I'm down for an Uncharted, Mass Effect, Killzone, Starcraft, Halo, God of War or a Dragon Age site. Hell if you want to go old school I'd love a Castlevania one.

You'll know me as Enigma777 or Hitlerchu.
GB Username - FoxxFireArt
I like games such as Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Uncharted series, Assassin's Creed series, I was pretty damn active on Little Big Planet, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil series, and Lego game series. My video game systems are Wii, PS3, and Nintendo DS Lite.
GB Username: Lamiafusion

I wouldn't mind helping out with a Mass Effect mini site. I really dig the universe they have set up so far. Also, I edit so I might be able to create some fun video content like my favorite video game website.
GB Username: Slaker117

Halo would be perfect. Lot of stuff going on in the games, and even more supplementary fiction to get into. Would love to help out with that. I'm already in way too deep, might as well share my knowledge.
I think I'd be up for this if there was Metal Gear, any Valve games, Elder Scrolls, or maybe the Witcher. Oh and probably Pokémon too, well, Platinum and the games before that one.
Username = AlexW00d
Pat Vis
I would do it for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout. Games with heavy diverse universes would work great for mini sites.
GB Username: Colonel_Fury
I don't especially like the idea of splitting the userbase, and I don't feel like I've ever seen the community talk extensively about any specific game franchise. Maybe it's just 'cause I don't use that part of the site, though.

That said, if there's going to be a Metal Gear or a Pokémon site, I'd be interested in moderating.
Username = Little_Socrates
Username: Brackynews. I also nominate user ahoodedfigure as an excellent editorial/wiki candidate.
I am interested in helping, as I have more time now. I'm getting my toes wet doing my own quick looks and video; not just gameplay either! And I plan to stream some of my Extra Life charity marathon. (Yup I'm on the Giant Bomb team.)

My #1 mini-site would be for the Phantasy Star franchise. Jeff is the most logical choice of moderator! But I've done a wee bit of work on the wiki too. ;D The rest of my really passionate franchises are also RPG: Star Wars, Minecraft, Suikoden, Xenogears/saga, Final Fantasy, and D___ Souls.

Other thoughts on things I'm heavily invested in are adventure games from Sierra to Telltale. Anything retro, 4bit to 16bit or otherwise. I currently have about 3 dozen cartridges on my ebay watchlist. Anything arcade and/or pinball. I'm restoring a BurgerTime cabinet. Pinball has a weird meta-presence on GB, so a dedicated site would make things a little more cozy and draw people who are owners or live near arcades. Fans of digital pinball are intense about it, and don't really have a community site anywhere...?
Thanks Ethan.
Username: Marino. Honestly not sure I understand the reasons for making mini-sites for franchises, but I'd be willing to learn more about it and help test it out. Ones I'd probably be qualified for are EverQuest, Zelda, Mortal Kombat, SSX, and Mass Effect.
Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll put another post together next week giving you more stuff to think about.
Definitely the big nintendo 3; mario, metroid and zelda. Other franchises that would work are the Sonic series, Final Fantasy, Halo, perhaps Uncharted. A music game site for Giant Bomb would also be a totally awesome idea, with weekly posts on Rock Band DLC, and the community perhaps providing videos for songs that get uploaded to the store. It would also provide a good hub for when guitar hero returns.

GB Username: V_Ben

Id love to contribute to this because it sounds like a great idea. I am GB username austinmiller. Mass Effect, or any of the Bioware sites,would be right up my alley as I play all of them. I love sports games, though I know that they aren't a big thing in the Giantbomb community. Anything really would be good and I hope I'm not too late to help out.
Howdy there Ethan! Long time Giantbomb/Whiskey Media user JauntyHat here. I'd love to be of some help with you guys and hope it's not too late to throw my hat into the ring. I'm a big fan of franchises such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Civilization, Total War, most of the Nintendo Franchises, and plenty others. If it is too late thanks for the opportunity and good luck with these big endeavours! :)
fifa 12 be a pro endurance run
GB Username - Creamypies

I'd love to help moderate/create some of these sites. I like to think that I'm pretty dedicated to projects such as this, I've worked on a few community run magazines for other sites in the past. Plus, you need a soft spoken English gentleman such as myself to keep these duders in order ;)

As for franchises that I'd love to see a site dedicated to, I'd love to see a; Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Deus Ex, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Uncharted, Metal Gear or even a FIFA one :D

I like to think that I know a lot about each of these franchises, so let me know if you do decide to go ahead with any of them, as I'd love to take part in this.
I'm probably late but anyway I used to write for Zelda Wiki under the username Green_Tunic and I used to write my own personal video game blog. I'd love to do something like that again for a Whiskey Media Zelda site.

My GB username is Greenyz
GB- JackiJinx

I'd honestly rather just get an indie game area. Well, "indie game," since that term tends to be rather vague; the really lesser-known games that just get lost in the sea of all the other titles on the site.

Assuming that's not something WM/GB is considering, definitely Mass Effect.I played through the first game at least five times. FIVE TIMES! I even bought the bad add-ons for it because I always want to see more of it.

If not Mass Effect, then perhaps consider some other games that will be coming out soon enough such as the BioShock franchise (despite the second one being lackluster, it might work). Another route would be going for an insanely popular franchise that has countless wikis already such as Zelda, Mario, Halo, etc, but I don't really see the point in that instance. Yes, GB are dedicated people, but the truly insane and intricate Zelda/Mario/Halo people are likely to stick with what they've been originally contributing to in the first place (not to say there aren't any on GB, but the regular users definitely outnumber these people).

What I think the community could get behind is what got them into the wiki submissions in the first place: humor. Hamburgers, Princess Debut, whatever gets the laughs, the submissions will definitely come. Cooking Mama is what comes to mind, but I'm certain there are other franchises that'd be just as good and (hopefully) better in this respect.

Hope this helps.
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